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  • Hello.

  • This special video involves a stolen car, car chase, the police and uber.

  • Here's what happened earlier today.

  • I was hanging out with Ben and eating nachos.

  • But Ben's car disappeared.

  • Disappeared?

  • I'm not sure.

  • What way.

  • Thought it got towed.

  • No, he got style.

  • Ben has a GPS in the car, so we know where the car is.

  • There is a five minute delay on the GPS, so we have to kind of just where the car is.

  • We called the police.

  • Say 911911 That's it.

  • Yeah.

  • Yeah.

  • Oh, my God.

  • I'm call now.

  • One.

  • Yeah, I have a car that was stolen that's currently being driven across here at San Francisco When paper just stuck in traffic, they're going towards opened.

  • It is a smart car, but they said we shouldn't chase it and just file a police report.

  • Ben said no.

  • So, unfortunately, all we have to do is, like, actually follow him ourselves.

  • And hopefully they do stop at some point and over.

  • Driver delay, Apple from Nigeria said, Sure, we'll get this car.

  • Oh, my God.

  • We're chasing down.

  • People have got, uh, actually job.

  • Walter, you go straight cargoes east we go east way go south Then the car stopped at the local Safeway way.

  • Looks like they're there in the safe right now.

  • So Ben locks his car from his phone remotely.

  • They actually gotten out of the vehicle.

  • It's locked and they should be able to get back inside.

  • Can we get to the Safeway?

  • Make a drive by scared that guy.

  • That's the guy that got that.

  • Got that.

  • Got in the car.

  • You see that?

  • With what?

  • They're trying to drive it.

  • All right, So I'm on the phone with 9 11 right now.

  • They're sending two officers on the way open right now.

  • You can see the two people inside.

  • Two minutes later, the police swoops in at gunpoint.

  • Understand?

  • That should not sell a car, man.

  • Should that seal and arrest these do bad guys Crazy.

  • That's a cream Just thing I've ever done in my life.

  • When I see this before But then was calm Last time I got my car Another Safeway Wow and develop away Crazy mess of made a mess in Nigeria with things the right way mall The story Don't steal a car because the police Delobel and Ben, we'll eat you for breakfast.


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How This Guy Found a Stolen Car!

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/07/02
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