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  • This is a check for $1200 cash.

  • 90% of Americans got this cash in the mail toe.

  • Help them with the covert 19 pandemic.

  • Because a lot off governments around the world are trying to say that the economy.

  • But there is one country that saved its economy better than anyone else.

  • And that is Germany.

  • Their stimulus plan is so good.

  • It blew my mind away.

  • And I think it will blow your mind.

  • Here is what paid first in Germany.

  • If you're a citizen affected by Corona, you don't have to pay rent.

  • They made it illegal to kick you out off your home.

  • If you cannot afford rent this way, no one becomes homeless.

  • You can pay your rent back in 2022 when your situation improves.

  • Second, you don't have to pay taxes because of Corona.

  • Everything you home the government you can pay next year instead on if you are still struggling, Germany will give you 50 billion euros.

  • This is free money, toe help Artists, entrepreneurs and freelancers survived the pandemic.

  • And if your small business you get help to, the government will pay up to 70% off your employee salaries and give you up to 30,000 euros to survive the pandemic.

  • This way you don't have to fire your employees and all of this.

  • You didn't hear from me.

  • You heard it from my brother who has a small business in Berman.

  • You really got 15,000 Jews from the government to help on.

  • It took me three days to get the grants to say my business.

  • And here's the crazy part.

  • If you're a big business, the government will give you 600 billion euros in loans so you can survive and keep your All in all, Germany is spending 60% off its GDP toe help the economy, while other countries are spending 10% off.

  • And I'm not even done yet.

  • All of this, they did within weeks, not months or years.

  • This makes it the fastest recovery plan in the world and the most generous and at the same time, Corona virus cases in Germany are dropping.

  • Life is slowly going back to normal with very low fatality rates.

  • That's why everybody needs to learn from Germany.

  • In many other countries, there is one big problem.

  • Slow government, slow governments, kill businesses and kill lives.

  • But in Germany they were able to save both that.

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This is a check for $1200 cash.

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How Germany Won Corona

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/07/02
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