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  • this video is a true story.

  • For tens of years, humans have been trying to run a mile in under four minutes.

  • So many runners try to break that record, and none of them could.

  • Everyone thought it was impossible until one day in 1954 1 guy with no proper training ran so fast that he finished a mile in three minutes and 59 seconds, one second shorter than four minutes.

  • He became the first person in the world to do so.

  • Yes, now you may find that interesting, but what happened after was way more interesting.

  • Immediately after people realized that running a four minute mile, he's not that impossible.

  • So they ran faster and faster and faster, and a no time thousands of people could run a mile in under four minutes.

  • In fact, some could run it in three minutes and 43 seconds, 70 seconds shorter than what used to be impossible.

  • Now you may think this video is about sports, but it's really not.

  • This is about role models because they are more important than we think.

  • See, the minute someone breaks the impossible, our mental block is gone, and we tell ourselves.

  • If they can, then we can.

  • It's no longer impossible.

  • And this isn't just sports.

  • I saw this everywhere around the world when Isaiah, in Compton, Los Angeles, Hamas and I'm a 70 year old pilot, became the youngest African American pilot to fly around the United States.

  • He made the kids in his neighborhood, believed that they, too, can fly and become pilots.

  • For them, skies became the limits literally.

  • Even here at NASA.

  • Dealing with these video succeeded on Facebook.

  • Many people realized that they, too, can make videos, and now they have millions of followers.

  • After learning about the four minute mile, I fully understood how important role models are.

  • Bag or models can ruin us and set a bad example.

  • Good role models can change our lives.

  • That's why it's important to have a successful black president.

  • It's important tohave a woman astronaut because for every win, thousands mawr are.

  • Hey there, how are you?

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this video is a true story.

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Be Careful of Role Models.

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/07/02
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