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  • before we begin shoutout to square space for sponsoring today's video.

  • What's up everybody?

  • Welcome to a different kind off Nass Daily video.

  • Right now we are in the middle off covert 19 Pandemic.

  • No one can come to the office.

  • You're gonna want to watch this video.

  • Why, for obvious reasons, finally locked down is over.

  • It's been 60 days off being stuck at home and for the first time ever, now way can come back to the office.

  • Theo.

  • 60 days.

  • Oh, it's so sad.

  • It used to be.

  • You can take 50 people in his office, 50 people in the same time.

  • Working Ben been learning.

  • It's awesome.

  • Now is like, I think maximum, you can have, like 10.

  • And in reality, anyone that can do their job online must stay at their home.

  • And it's really, really sad.

  • Uh, go gone literally.

  • This used to be full full of stuff.

  • Now, thing is a counter.

  • How many days we've been in operations and 492 was when we went into lock down.

  • So I think now it's like 560 or something.

  • Oh, man, that's what I expect that everyone to be around and it's just said theme and the Oscar goes to just All right, guys, this is a true story.

  • When this happened, I kind of got really sad because I think the noise and the presence of humans makes me internally happy.

  • I just like to be around people.

  • I don't like to be by myself.

  • And now it's illegal to have all the employees come back to the company.

  • And we also don't want to do that.

  • You should be with your family with your home.

  • And this is also not a negative video.

  • I don't want it to come off as negative.

  • It's the truth.

  • The truth sometimes can be negative.

  • But you know what else is positive?

  • Fake replica way spent thousands of dollars Because we can't have the employees in this office way created them.

  • This'd is my girlfriend.

  • So she used to sit ride here.

  • So we're gonna put your bride.

  • This'll guys.

  • Guan, he's our designer.

  • I mean, we know designers are right next to the software engineers.

  • This guy is the software engineer.

  • He sits right here and he coz I need to give him a laptop.

  • Actually, the same place he was sitting in 60 days ago when he was talking about how much he hates the lock down you cost where you eat It just seemed warns that it doesn't work from time.

  • I notice cancelling can block Theo way things.

  • This person worked at the company way.

  • Actually, who is this?

  • Lets Beatrice address.

  • We love you.

  • Thank you.

  • I have actually never met the interesting reluctance.

  • We hired her remote.

  • So just to be clear, we care about everybody.

  • But I have never seen her in real life because it's illegal, but we're not done yet.

  • There's one more thing to make this feel more life speakers, and the idea behind them is to mimic the rial audio from really employees to make it feel like a rial office in this empty place.

  • It's so loud, it's great.

  • This may look like a joke, and it probably is.

  • But the truth is, this will be the stage of the office for the next six months.

  • Do probably one year.

  • You never know this is the new Corona office, and the reason we did this is because I feel like for the few people that come to the office, it is nice to have a human touch.

  • Someone else that looks like a human, at least.

  • And we thought if it's illegal to have real humans, miners will have some faith.

  • Humans.

  • Anyway, guys, I hope you enjoyed watching this video as much as we enjoyed.

  • All right, Back to wait, guys.

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  • Corona is a very tough time for everybody, including us.

  • And I'm assuming including you.

  • So this is the time to stay put.

  • Stacey, stare wear.

  • I know I said this is a covert free office, but safety first.

  • There we go.

before we begin shoutout to square space for sponsoring today's video.

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