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  • the movie The Matrix follows a dystopian future where the character neo lives in assimilated universe.

  • Called The Matrix, the movie is famous for its philosophical ideas, a run simulation and references different writers from whom these ideas originate but featured most prominently is the work of Boulder Yard, Similac, or in Simulation, which was written in 1981 18 years prior to the film.

  • But 20 years later, simulation is as popular as ever to discuss.

  • This is most likely due to us being surrounded by assimilation in our everyday past lives.

  • Are we living in a simulation?

  • Tell me right now, please think of the grass.

  • Tyson can blow the most feeble minds that we might in fact be living in a simulation quite easily to reiterate the point of ties in here, since computers can already generate simulated worlds in video games and seeing how vastly computers have improved just over the span of a decade.

  • Comparing that to our time is a species.

  • It doesn't seem all that crazy anymore to propose the idea that we eventually could actually simulate a universe.

  • So while putting the perspective of time around this, what's to say we aren't already being assimilated.

  • The odds that were based reality is one and billions.

  • Many different philosophers have pondered over the idea of simulation for a long time, but the most famous example is Plato's allegory of the cave.

  • The Matrix takes its idea from this concept almost entirely.

  • It goes as follows.

  • Imagine prisoners being chained inside a cave ever since birth.

  • They are completely mobilized and can only perceive the wall in front of them.

  • On this wall, shadows air being cast originating from a roadway behind the prisoners due to the echo from the wall, the prisoners air under the inception that the sounds are coming from the shadows.

  • This simulation of shadows cast on the wall is the prisoners perception of reality, since it's all they can perceive.

  • One prisoner, however, eventually escapes his chains and his perception of reality then gets distorted, just like Neo escaping his reality of the simulation he finds himself in.

  • Neo can tell that he's living in the Matrix, not until at least he famously takes the red pill in the context of the film and news consciousness, The Matrix is a hyper reality, which, per definition is the unconscious inability to distinguish reality for assimilation of reality.

  • The old world is in ruins and for gone, while Neal lives on in the Similac room.

  • This idea of a simulated universe becoming reality is in similar Akron simulation explained by Boulder Yard.

  • Through an older work of fiction, a fable by Jorge Luis Borg's Bork's fable told of an empire whose cartographers had mastered the map of its lined so much so that the map covered the size of the empire and coincided with it perfectly in the story.

  • The preceding generations didn't see the value in the study of photography, nor longer the maps themselves.

  • Asi Empire crumbled with time.

  • So did the maps.

  • But in the west of the empire, where the deserts could still be perceived inhabited by beggars and animals, the map of the desert gets confused.

  • For the original, it takes form of simulacra.

  • Well, there are points out that it's the map that proceeds the territory, and while being a model of a riel, it is no longer an origin or reality well deserved.

  • If you want to be nit picky, Morpheus should have said this while in the Matrix, but not the depiction of reality in the you know what, no one can.

  • According to Boulder Yard, we already live in a hyper reality, which again, is our unconscious inability to distinguish reality for assimilation of reality.

  • So while assimilation or simulacrum is most commonly associated with technology, simulation can also take place within the space beyond our physical limits.

  • Something like this already exists for us money.

  • Bolduan describes Similac, or a as something of a copy with no original money's value used to be bound by gold, the gold standard until 1970.

  • But when this was removed, money function as its own reality.

  • Since it's a copy with no original best a simulacrum, it's controlled by our laws.

  • But more importantly, our belief money exists because we believe in.

  • In fact, looking at a simulation with this lens of Baldry are we see a surrounded by hyper reality.

  • Hyper reality can also be a person taking someone's version of reality and making it the room.

  • YouTube, for example, is often perceived as unauthentic platform of creators.

  • What they share is a reflection of their reality, but more often than not, this later comes out to be falls.

  • If an audience perceive our reflection of reality as authentic and then appropriates it to their own life than their reality, then becomes hyper real.

  • So just like NEOs, reality is hyper real through the Matrix.

  • All reality is hyper real through ourselves.

  • So maybe the question shouldn't be.

  • Are we living in reality?

  • Rather, What can we do to protect our reality, even if it's likely to be on really what is real?

  • How do you define really?

the movie The Matrix follows a dystopian future where the character neo lives in assimilated universe.

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