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  • Harry Henry is a handsome green monster.

  • He lives in a small house in the forest.

  • All his friends live nearby.

  • Soon it is Harry Henry's birthday.

  • Loonie Lou and Gorgonzola decide to buy him a present.

  • What should we buy him?

  • They ask.

  • What about a camera?

  • No, he's got a camera.

  • How about a big box of chocolates?

  • No, he's too fat.

  • Let's buy him a new pair of shorts.

  • No, he's got some new shorts.

  • Loonie Lou and Gorgon.

  • Zola just don't know what to buy him.

  • I know, said Loonie Lou.

  • Let's go shopping in London, we can visit Harry Henry's cousin, Big Ben, and ask him what to buy.

  • Good idea.

  • So they got the train to London.

  • Big Ben waited for them at the station.

  • So he said, We want to buy a present.

  • Very Henry, they told him.

  • I know just the place, said Big Ben on.

  • They went shopping.

  • First they went into a computer shop.

  • Wow, what a lot of computers and games, said Big Ben, who loves computer games.

  • They bought a very special monster computer game for catching horrible humans.

  • Harry Henry will love it.

  • Next, they went to a very smart shop called parents.

  • They went to the special floor for monsters and looked at the very smart clothes.

  • Everything was monstrously monstrous because Harry Henry is quite a smart monster.

  • Gorgon Zola bought him a tie which lights up and sings a monster Happy birthday song.

  • Um ah ah!

  • Finally, they went to an amazing cake shop.

  • They bought the biggest, most monster cake they could find.

  • They put it in a box to take it to Harry Henry's birthday party.

  • The next day, Loonie Lou Gorgon Zola on Big Ben collected all the presence together and took the train back home.

  • They were so excited about Harry Henry's birthday party.

  • What a surprise it would be.

  • But then Harry Henry deserves it as he is such a nice monster.

Harry Henry is a handsome green monster.

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