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  • Marzia quits Youtube

  • VoiceoverPete Get Bannd from Fiverr

  • And Wall Street Journal is back at it again!

  • I'm Poppy Harlow, *Pop* and this is Peuu Neuus

  • *shitty news intro*

  • Good evening! I'm Poppy Harlow, the most respected news women in the industry. *Pop*

  • *wheeze*

  • What you all find on this channel is nothing but the fact. And that's fact. That's a fact.

  • Our first *clap* Story *clap* Comes from Pete, the voiceover man

  • Sorry. I may have gotten that wrong

  • VoiceoverPete

  • Our first story comes

  • From Voiceover Pete

  • Voiceover Pete recently got banned from Fiverr

  • That's right, apparently Fiverr is

  • on a quest to just destroy their

  • website completely and decided

  • to bAn

  • VoiceoverPete now if you don't know who

  • Voiceover Pete is he's an epic gamer

  • A huge memester

  • And an awesome vOiCe-PeRsOn

  • guy

  • We talk about the fAcTs here. Now he was featured

  • In one of my videos. I mean, it's a

  • popular meme.

  • It's practically everywhere at this point

  • 'attention all nine-year-old gamers'

  • *clap* *clap* *weird finger movements*

  • Pewdiepie is in great danger.

  • *Bitch Lasagna instrumental in the background*

  • He needs your help to wipe out T-series

  • from YouTube once and for all

  • we must not let T-series reach 69 MiLliOn subscribers

  • before he does

  • Now voiceover Pete has clearly helped PewDiePie

  • PewDiePie is my employer so

  • we need to help voiceoverPete back (good english pewds. better than your Swedish at least)

  • Attention all Tik Tok fans

  • I understand you have a big question

  • Why do good girls like bad guys

  • Alright, I have the aNsWeR

  • *pewd laughs*

  • bUt FiRsT

  • I need the 16 numbers on your credit card

  • three friggin numbers

  • *pewd laughs*

  • Probably VoiceoverPete is most famous for the meme

  • where he says

  • "AtTeNTiOn aLL GaMerS"

  • For us to WiN in this game wether it's

  • Counter Strike or fORtNite

  • to reach the EPIC win royale

  • He needs your credit - mom's credit card number

  • Thats the j0kE

  • thREE numbers on the back, the expiration month and date

  • BUTT ?


  • so that *inaudible* can SEcURE The fRAG

  • and ACHIEVE


  • *Undertale - Megalovania*

  • *wheeze*

  • I can't believe

  • all undertale gamers

  • Sans is in great danger and he needs your help

  • to defeat Frisk and save the underground

  • He's gonna need your credit card *inaudible* *pewd wheezes*

  • three numbers on the back *pewd continues to laugh*

  • and the expiration month and year

  • *pewd laughs*

  • And once again pew news and meme review

  • are just *random noises* two worlds colliding

  • *wheeze*

  • Now Grandayy posted on twitter saying

  • aTTention all epic gamers

  • fiverr just banned

  • VoiceoverPete

Marzia quits Youtube

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Marzia quits YouTube, Voiceover Pete BANNED, WSJ BACK at it again?! ? PEW NEWS?

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/07/01
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