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  • Hi everyone! I'm Charlene from BBC Learning English.

  • This week, the world said goodbye

  • to one of the most gifted scientists

  • the world has ever seen: Professor Stephen Hawking.

  • Famous for his work as a physicist and cosmologist,

  • Stephen Hawking lived with motor neurone disease

  • for over 50 years. Everybody's talking about it,

  • and I'm asking three questions to find out

  • the actual words people are saying.

  • Question one. What does the name

  • Professor Stephen Hawking mean to you?

  • It means no boundaries, no limits, to infinity

  • and beyond - literally, you know?

  • So, I know that he's an astrophysicist.

  • He studied in Cambridge and he...

  • there was a movie that was made about him

  • and he studied, I think, the origin of the universe.

  • That's pretty much all I know about him.

  • I think about his book, A Brief History of Time,

  • and I think about the movie that he was in.

  • And The Simpsons.

  • What do you know about his work?

  • I'm not gonna lie - I don't really know much about him.

  • I know very little, unfortunately.

  • What do I know about his work?

  • Well, he talks about the big bang theory,

  • and how the universe is expanding,

  • and one day there will be a big crunch

  • and it'll stop expanding.

  • What do you think he will be most remembered for?

  • I think he's gonna be a great source of

  • inspiration for many people.

  • It's kind of hard for me to answer but...

  • besides science, just kind of like that wit -

  • grit and determination that he

  • was able to show the world, so...

  • For the ability to prevail,

  • to go beyond boundaries

  • and to believe in himself.

  • So, there you go. Everybody's talking

  • about #StephenHawking and now you can too!

  • There's a quick recap coming up in just a second -

  • but don't forget you can find out more about this

  • topic at BBC Learning English dot com.

  • You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

  • and YouTube - and get talking! See you next time!

Hi everyone! I'm Charlene from BBC Learning English.

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