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  • Life...

  • full of challenges.

  • Some you might win.

  • Some, you might lose.

  • But life''s not all about the challenges you face.

  • Nor is it about winning or losing.

  • about what you make of it.

  • It''s about the right attitude.

  • Setting your own goals, and show that you can live up to them.

  • To dare to face your boundaries......

  • ...and conquer them.

  • And whether you are a professional, dealing with the pushing it to the limit on a daily bases...

  • ...or you''re a guy or girl, just looking for that one moment you surprise yourself.

  • ...It really doesn''t matter.

  • At the end of the day , the only difference between being a professional...

  • ...ever chasing that victory and you pursuing your personal goal...

  • the audience.

  • So, remember no matter who''s watching...

  • ...make sure you can be proud of yourself.

  • In the end... it''s all up to you....

  • It''s your perseverance to overcome what you''re up against.

  • It''s your imagination to see your own abilities...

  • ...even when no one else does.

  • And it''s you... standing up countless times...

  • ...just to start all over again.

  • Don''t let the pleasure in life depend on the opinion of others....

  • ...make it depend on yourself.

  • Go out there, do something amazing and surprise yourself.

  • Celebrate that little personal victory, no one might even know of.

  • And we know it takes strength and courage...

  • ...especially when all the odds are against you.

  • But moreover it takes belief.

  • A lot of belief.

  • So, believe in yourself.

  • Believe in your abilities.

  • Believe in conquering your own goals.

  • And let there be only one thing that can hold you back.

  • Let that one thing...

  • you.

  • This... is a tribute to the ones that believe.

  • To the ones that help people believe.

  • To the ones that never lost their belief.

  • This is a tribute...

  • an attitude.

  • A tribute...

  • life.


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