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  • Hello the world!

  • ...

  • Wow, VR Chat... Is really cool

  • Music plays...

  • Top of the morning to you laddies!

  • How's it going there?

  • Where is the whiskey? Perhaps over here...

  • Player: There is no whiskey

  • Well, you don't sound-- wo wo wo wo wo

  • Thank you kind anime, princess I'll be on my way now

  • [Laughs]

  • Player: Hello

  • Player: Welcome To The World Of Advetars

  • Was just leaving actually

  • But no no thank you, I'm crouched over, and I'm clenching real hard right now. I had really bad Mexican

  • That's okay, that's okay because I will just clean it myself. I really appreciate the other cab

  • Um no you can't do that either

  • Okay, well, that's illegal all right, so just back up. It's done illegal. It's it's to me all right

  • Okay, you're freaking me out

  • Nothing will go up my BOB

  • You're way too big at least let me change my avatar for this

  • At least I might make your cake look bigger if I go up your bum okay, that's just disturbing. Okay. All right. What if I?

  • All right, how about this huh how about this Oh God?

  • How are you going?

  • Hello can I get a hug hello? Oh, thank you

  • That was great hello everybody it's your boy wreck-it Ralph

  • Drink it Ralph huh, thanks goddamn right. I'm little round things I

  • Reckon to again I wreck your mamma's asshole how about

  • The headshot doing his side daddy stay away from me alright alright. I'm Ricky brown

  • That's fine. I don't wreck someone will wreck someone else's business cake you're scaring Peter. Just stick your skin

  • I am scared rivets at least get I don't know that's work, but I made it up. That's so scared I am

  • That is my drink

  • Good old record breaking things

  • Yes, that is a microaggression

  • Oh

  • You want to go

  • Prepare guys is way harder

  • He is so hot you're like

  • Spaghetti if I sweep, why would you do that to a lady?

  • Why don't you do that to the lady a lady and so sorry milady okay?

  • Treat treat me treat me with some respect

  • Okay, you you male privileged guy white?

  • Wreck-it Ralph don't you know my struggle? Did you not watch my movie?

  • I'm sorry someone had to say it. Oh wow doesn't this make you just feel like dancing

  • Hell yeah

  • No

  • That's right I get it now. I just kind of showed them my feet beer

  • It's cold you're breaking my immersion i'm so triggered

  • Oh

  • My god, it's Jar, Jar Binks everybody

  • What an honor to meet you it's Amis. Oh my god. It's the real one

  • the Italian one oh you sound like

  • Jacksepticeye that's right. I am jacksepticeye. How you found me you win a hug

  • Come here mr.. Jack brofist

  • That's not what jacksepticeye does all right of course

  • How you doing they're not fat look I can see in the mirror I can tell I'm not fat

  • I'm not fat. Okay. I'm not

  • Your beasts

  • Feels great excuse me I'm shaking it

  • Hey come on get up this magic

  • Please do love you get up I

  • Don't need it okay. Oh

  • My god

  • Yep look at all the anime girls are you doing?

  • Hey you doing that's very nice

  • Hello whole anime girls you wanna come with me oh

  • Thank you you and it you wanna go with Saliva's

  • Alright, you want to go with me. Hello. Hello wanna be my girlfriend so

  • Does anyone want to be my girlfriend?

  • Please

  • Please be my girlfriend

  • I'll do anything please and sorry assuming myself I

  • Will be your gum. I'll do anything

  • No one loves me

  • Please be my girlfriend someone oh

  • Hell yeah, oh hell yeah, that's what stuck in the back

Hello the world!

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I'm getting cyber bullied... VR Chat #0002

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/07/01
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