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  • A lot of people online have been requesting movies -

  • One of them - "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind".

  • (doctor) Here at Lacuma, we have perfected a safe, effective technique

  • for the focused erasure of troubling memories.

  • This is a hoax, right?

  • (doctor) I assure you, no.

  • (Tommy) This movie confused me a bit.

  • It took a little while for me to understand what was gonna happen.

  • This isn't your everyday story.

  • I mean, they break the rules all over the place.

  • [metal crunching]

  • So I guess it's alright to be confused, isn't it?

  • The cast in this movie was just the best.

  • Jim Carrey, so believable as this quirky, weird guy.

  • You know? It just worked for him.

  • He just slows it down. He takes his time with the character.

  • Hi. Slow. Hi.

  • Kate Winslet - another one. Really nice.

  • I mean, again, she takes her time with this too,

  • and plays this weird, quirky woman so well.

  • (woman) My name is Clementine, by the way.

  • (Tommy) I was absolutely in love with this couple.

  • I was rootin' for 'em the whole way.

  • Only thing is, I didn't know what I was rooting for.

  • Jon Brion does the score on this one.

  • and it's just this great, quirky sort of disturbing,

  • very cool music. It really helps to set the scene.

  • He's done good stuff to - "I Heart Huckabees", "Punch-Drunk-Love", "Magnolia".

  • [fluttering sound]

  • Part of the reason I think it's confusing is because of the way the story's told.

  • [low rumbling static]

  • It bounces around an awful lot,

  • I think they do a pretty good job in this one of letting you hear when the transitions are.

  • They're a little bit more obvious when they switch around.

  • [static hum]

  • (faint voice) Just focus on the memories.

  • (faint voice) Patrick, do me a favor?

  • (clear voice)Hey Patrick, do me a favor, will ya?

  • (Tommy) He's having a bad trip, man. [laughs]

  • So, for "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind",

  • I'm gonna go 3 out of 4 eyes open.

  • I think I've seen that doctor every weekend - I can never remember what goes on.

  • Hey, does anybody want a joint?

  • ♪ [BFC Bumper music]

  • I mean, most of the transitions I get, but there were some times where I got a little lost.

  • (Ben) I mean, I watched the first time and I was confused.

  • (Tommy) Really - you were confused?

  • So sighted people get confused during this one?

A lot of people online have been requesting movies -

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ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND review - Blind Film Critic (no spoilers)

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    Elmo Yang posted on 2014/05/01
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