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  • Welcome to BBC Learning English.

  • I'm Sam and today I'm happy.

  • In fact, I'm very happy.

  • I'm really happy.

  • Thrilled!

  • I'm really thrilled!

  • I'm absolutely thrilled!

  • My happiness keeps getting bigger and bigger.

  • I started with the word 'happy'.

  • 'Happy' is a gradable adjective, so I can be happyhere.

  • Quite happyhere.

  • Very or really happyhere.

  • What's another way to say 'very' or 'really happy'?

  • Thrilled!

  • 'Thrilled' is not a gradable adjective.

  • It's an extreme adjective.

  • It's already up here.

  • So, can we make it stronger?

  • Yes!

  • You can use 'really'. I'm really thrilled.

  • Or 'absolutely'. I'm absolutely thrilled.

  • But you can't use 'very'.

Welcome to BBC Learning English.

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Very vs Really vs Absolutely - English In A Minute

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