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  • Hi I'm Sam from BBC Learning English

  • and this is me in class.

  • How am I feeling -

  • bored or boring?

  • I was feeling bored

  • because the lesson was boring.

  • So the lesson was the reason I felt bored.

  • Soed endings describe the feeling

  • anding endings describe the reason

  • you have that feeling.

  • And this works for other adjectives too.

  • So if the lesson is interesting, I feel interested.

  • If something is tiring, I'm tired.

  • If something is relaxing, I'm relaxed.

  • If something is surprising, I'm surprised.

  • If something is exciting, I'm excited.

  • So, tell us how these videos make you feel.

Hi I'm Sam from BBC Learning English

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A2 bored ing lesson ed describe tiring

Bored vs Boring - What's the difference? Ed and Ing Adjectives - English In A Minute

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