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  • Rob The appropriate choice of language, intonation,

  • gesture and body language is vital in everyday communication. It's important to think about

  • who, when and where you are talking to someone. So that you can make sure the style of how

  • you are speakingor registeris appropriate. Here are some things for you to consider.

  • Start by thinking about contextor the situation you're in. Are you at the bank,

  • at work or at home? This will help you decide the appropriate language to usewill it

  • be formal or informal? It's something this student had to think about

  • Student When I first came to England, to practise

  • my English, I would go and work in a builders' cafe. I would invite customers 'please take

  • a seat', that's how I would say it. My co-workers they were locals, and they found it funny

  • because they thought this is too formal, be more direct because our customers, the builders,

  • most of them, they speak more directly. It made me think about the proper way of saying

  • things in different situations

  • Rob Next, think about how many people you are

  • talking to. Are you talking to a group or to one person? And when you're speaking to

  • someone, who are they – a friend who you know well, your teacher, your boss, or maybe

  • a stranger? The words you use and how you use them will be different.

  • Now think about the topic of the conversation. Are you discussing football results, shopping,

  • or something more serious in the news? The way you talk about the discussion will affect

  • this. And consider your register when you react to something being discussedchoose

  • an appropriate style depending on the subject.

  • Thinking about context and register when you're speaking will help you sound more like a native

  • English speaker and help you in any speaking exam. Good luck!

Rob The appropriate choice of language, intonation,

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Exam Skills: 4 tips about using context and register

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