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  • Elijah Graves Otis.

  • You might have seen that name and elevators.

  • He invented a clamping mechanism when the ropes used to hold up an elevator went slack.

  • His clamps would grip the elevators, guide rails, keeping it from crashing down.

  • The machine was invented in 18 53.

  • It was installed in the how It building a few years later, but in those years that followed, it revolutionized cities around the world.

  • Drop a working CIF from the 19th century in modern day New York.

  • What's the first thing he might notice?

  • Height.

  • In the last century, cities across the world have gotten taller much much.

  • At the start of the 20th century, you'd be hard pressed to find a building that was more than six stories high.

  • Who wants toe huff up a flight of stairs longer than that?

  • But then modern elevator arrived and builders raced towards the heavens, constructing massive office skyscrapers containing millions of square feet.

  • Sure, the basic idea was nothing new.

  • Primitive elevators have been around since 2 36 BC, but they relied on manpower lots of it.

  • By the mid 19 century, elevators were deriving their power from water and steam, but the ropes that they relied on were so reliable.

  • And that's where Otis comes in.

  • He developed a safety break that kept the elevator from free, falling in the rope broke.

  • It was an innovation that that transformed business.

  • Not only could people be shuttled up and down, but so could heavy frank.

  • Now companies could consolidate all of their operations and office furniture in a single building.

  • On that improved accountability, communication and efficiency, employees could shuttle from one department to another with the push of a button and a short vertical ride.

  • Industries likewise didn't have to compete for geographically important locations.

  • In the 18 sixties, New York City's financial district was so overcrowded they considered moving at home town.

  • But then the elevator came along and allowed walls grow up.

Elijah Graves Otis.

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