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  • There's one on almost every corner they line side streets, train stations.

  • Vending machines are an essential part of life in Japan.

  • You could almost go an entire day fueled on stop from them.

  • Let's begin with breakfast.

  • They have premium banana, low sugar.

  • Definitely need calm.

  • Red means hot blue means cold.

  • One of my absolute favorite things about Japan.

  • Hot coffee.

  • Hot lunch, too.

  • Not your ordinary couple noodle.

  • This machine cells, Odin, savory stew, fish balls or beef tendon balls.

  • I can see where this is popular in the wintertime, the canIs so warming.

  • Good vending machines work around the clock so they don't require people at the cash register.

  • And you can buy what you want when you want.

  • No matter what you drink, there's a good chance the vending machine was made here near Nagoya.

  • Fuji Electric counts about 20 beverage companies as clients.

  • Machines come in different sizes and colors, but they're all pretty much the same inside.

  • That gives us efficiency, says factory manager Mitsuhiro Sokka.

  • We used to manufacture machines in large quantities, but it's become smaller.

  • There are five million vending machines in Japan, according to the latest figures from the Manufacturers Association.

  • That's one machine for every 25 people said to be the highest concentration in the world.

  • But those figures have actually declined a bit over the last decade, in part from rising competition.

  • It's still a very big business.

  • Vending machines sold more than $42 billion worth of goods in 2015.

  • Keeping all that cash safe is a serious concern, even in a low crime nation like Japan.

  • So we can't show you the money collection components inside the door.

  • But I did learn how they make my coffee hot way developed, ah hybrid system, explained.

  • Sokka uses exhaust heat created by the cooling chamber to warm up your drink to 55 degrees Celsius, all the while saving energy.

  • But now 24 hour convenience stores Japanese called Kkamini's, compete with vending machines for customers and beverage makers face a struggle securing new locations for operators like a Cheeto.

  • You know a challenge is still to refill machines with the best selling products.

  • He tells us he's been doing this for 12 years, handles about 3500 cans a day.

  • Technology could make his job easier.

  • Smart vending machines connected to the Internet are able to collect sales data, even notify the repairman when they break down another evolution for an everyday object that's evolving along with modern life in Japan.

There's one on almost every corner they line side streets, train stations.

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