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  • can we train our brains to improve our attention spans?

  • Are memory our intelligence?

  • Overall, there are a lot of programs and games that aim to do this.

  • But the jury is still out on whether their waste of money, as many experts believe, or if they improve brain plasticity, the organs ability to learn new skills and adapt to its environment.

  • Even as we get older.

  • Rachel Crane trains with some brain games.

  • What is this exercise test?

  • It improves your visual speed and attention.

  • How does cognitive training work?

  • We can build brain exercises that literally rewire the brain because the brain is capable of change.

  • It does that, and eventually it achieves that goal of becoming faster and more accurate.

  • We've actually built more than 29 exercises right now that target everything from memory, speed, attention, people, skills, navigation, intelligence.

  • There's good amount of controversy surrounding the efficacy of these brain training tools.

  • Sure, Independent Academic Review reviewed cognitive training programs and pointed out that hey, some of them have no evidence and some of them have real evidence.

  • And in fact, ours was shown to have the highest level of evidence in that academic review It's a real talk.

  • How did I dio?

  • He did great.

  • First of all, your memory score was off the chart.

  • I don't actually think I've ever seen anyone come in and get that many items on memory right off the bat on.

  • And then Speed was okay between out some headroom.

  • But the important thing isn't How do you do today?

  • Important thing is Hey, where do you want to push your brain tomorrow?

  • Five stars right here.

  • Yeah.

can we train our brains to improve our attention spans?

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Can You Train Your Brain?

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/06/29
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