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  • we regularly feature technology stories on CNN.

  • 10.

  • The field is always making news because it's always changing.

  • There's always something new.

  • One example.

  • Hydro gels, thes air, basically water held together by plastic.

  • There, downsides have included concerns that they could be tough to work with.

  • They may be hard to make sterile, which is important for medical uses, and they tend to be weak.

  • But part of that might have been sold.

  • This might be the future of joint replacements.

  • No, not him.

  • This the white stuff between the two clamors.

  • It's a brand new super material that won't tear when he or her.

  • What this guy or even this guy gives it all they've got and thats why this stuff is so extraordinary.

  • It combines the strength of metal with the flexibility of Jell O, and it could revolutionize how we grow.

  • Old hydro gels are all around us in soft contact lenses, disposable diapers, even food.

  • There are natural hydro gels in our tissues and organs and synthetic ones like the kind made here.

  • They're solid objects but consists mostly of water.

  • They're soft and flexible, but also incredibly weak.

  • Until now in Sapporo, scientists have created a hydrogel that's five times stronger than steel.

  • It's a strongest softer material ever be obtained by human professor Shang Ping.

  • Gong is one of the world's top hydrogel experts.

  • For this latest one, she and her team combined fiberglass fabric with a strong hydrogel.

  • Sharp objects can cut through it, but it won't tear.

  • Ripping this would require more energy than splitting.

  • Steal the invention of a tough hybrid Jill.

  • Changing all the opinions or views against this material, the team believes this will revolutionize joint replacements.

  • Synthetic hydra gels are similar to human tissue, both soft and flexible, which means they'd make great substitutes for ligaments or tendons.

  • But until now, synthetic hydro gels have been too weak to withstand and joints everyday wear and tear professor gongs.

  • Invention, though, changes that with this fiber reinforced hydrogel, surgeons could make strong artificial ligaments that would be closer to the real thing.

  • A big improvement on how we do it today for the sample for the artificial near the use Nick's and plastics and metals, this hard materials is very stiff, so they do not have with a shock of solving prop days.

  • But the professor's ideas don't always start in the lab when I see a flower coming out from a very hard concrete crack.

  • Are we wondering why small fry Allah is such a big a large energy coming out?

  • That's the key to her success finding and harnessing strength in the most unexpected of places.

we regularly feature technology stories on CNN.

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Can Hydrogels Fix Human Joints?

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