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  • Hi guys, welcome back on my channel. My name is Charlotte.

  • Today, I want to answer a question that I have been asked several times,

  • Especially since I started this channel and I am talking a lot about Taiwan,

  • some foreigners have contacted me (on Instagram) to ask some practical questions about traveling to Taiwan.

  • I thought it might be helpful if, from time to time, when a question has been asked a lot,

  • I answer it here on Youtube for everyone to find.

  • The question I want to talk about today, that I have been asked a lot, is:

  • Can you survive in Taiwan (for a trip or for longer term) if you can only speak English?”

  • Of course, I can only answer from my own personal experiences while living from 5 to 6 months in Taiwan.

  • Correct me if you think I am wrong

  • From my experiences, in big cities in Taiwan, it is so easy to get around with only English.

  • Many people speak English, many signs and directions, everything is also indicated in English.

  • I think the only place where I had some trouble not understanding was in more traditional places

  • For example: restaurants. If you go to a restaurant and it is owned by an elderly couple who make the food themselves,

  • In that case you find a little menu where you need to indicate what you want and that will be in Chinese.

  • In that case, you just have to go with your Taiwanese friends.

  • In other cases, I think life is very easy in Taipei with only English.

  • Even if the person in front of you that you are talking to does not speak English well,

  • If they are not confident about their English, they will just grab another person next to them who will speak English well.

  • I cannot remember any big issue I had with the language.

  • Maybe only in specific cases like for example: when I had to buy a mattress at IKEA.

  • I had very specific questions about the measurements, the delivery time, the way they would deliver it, things like that.

  • That was hard to figure out by myself, so luckily, I had my awesome roommate helping me.

  • She came with me to IKEA and helped me place the order.

  • In some cases, you might need some help, but believe me: Taiwanese people are so friendly and welcoming to foreigners.

  • That's how I experienced it and I have heard from many friends that they experienced the same.

  • Don't be afraid to ask for help.

  • Big cities should be no problem at all. But once you get out of the big cities,

  • It is the same in every single country in the world I think:

  • In the big cities people are more international, everything is ready to welcome tourists there.

  • It will be very easy. Once you get out of the big cities, that's where you might have some trouble.

  • Even when you go to smaller places outside of big cities in Taiwan, I feel like many young people will have learned English at school.

  • Definitely!

  • Even though the conversations might not always be perfect, many people can understand the basics and can communicate

  • Maybe with arms and feet? x)

  • Actually, I had a lot of conversations where we could not totally understand each other,

  • But one way or the other, using facial expressions, using your hands and pointing at things

  • You can communicate so much already! You would be surprised.

  • I would not worry about travelling to the countryside.

  • Even if the first person you meet won't speak English, there will always be someone, somewhere around who can help you in English.

  • I don't think you should worry about speaking English in Taiwan.

  • I feel like if you have the time on your hands, it is always a good idea when you travel to a country to learn a few words that you might use a lot.

  • For example: “hello”, “thank you”, “where is …?”

  • It doesn't have to be many pages long, but it can be a nice little gesture to the people and the country you are visiting,

  • that you took the time and trouble to learn these simple words.

  • Of course I understand perfectly (because I was in the same situation), that not everybody has the time to learn the whole language before going there.

  • That is perfectly okay. I think Taiwanese people are very understanding

  • and they are happy that you are coming to their country to learn about their culture and especially their food!

  • Taiwanese people are so proud about their food and there is a good reason.

  • I don't have to say anything more. Just go there and try the food!

  • I hope this answered your question.

  • If you have more specific questions about English in Taiwan, you can ask me in the comments down below.

  • I will try to reply to as many as I can.

  • If you have other, completely different questions about traveling or living as a foreigner in Taiwan, feel free to ask me.

  • If a question gets asked a lot, I will consider making another video about it, to make it easier for you.

  • Thank you so much for watching!

  • Don't forget tolikeandsubscribeand see you very soon in the next video.

  • Bye bye ~

Hi guys, welcome back on my channel. My name is Charlotte.

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