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  • At first, penguins with chicks circulate on the outside,

  • avoiding the pressure within.

  • As the weather worsens, they'll all have to look for a place to tuck in.

  • Eventually, a huge huddle forms.

  • While those in the centre are warm and protected,

  • those on the outside are still struggling.

  • To share the heat around, the penguins take tiny steps to change position.

  • Waves of movement ripple through the huddle,

  • giving everyone a chance to have a go in the centre.

  • The huddle is so efficient, penguins in the inner core can even overheat.

  • As these penguins try to cool down, the colony starts to break up.

  • The collapse acts as a release valve, shedding excess heat.

  • But it's dangerous for the chick.

  • As everyone moves position, some mothers topple in the crush.

  • She tries to stop her full weight falling on her chick.

  • Getting back up is especially difficult, with a chick nestled in her pouch.

  • Her care finally pays off.

  • She and her chick rejoin the huddle, as it starts to reform.

  • Not all have been so lucky.

  • This penguin has been searching for her lost chick.

  • She hopes it might still be alive.

  • Her pouch is the only lifesaver she knows.

  • A female companion shows her concern.

  • The mother invested everything into her chick.

  • To lose it is a tragedy.

  • She will have to wait another year.

At first, penguins with chicks circulate on the outside,

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Emperor Penguin Mourns the Death of Chick | BBC Earth

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