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  • if he has fans on page.

  • I worked at the shot studio in Northern California, and I'm gonna take a few minutes this morning and show you guys how to drop Charlie Brown.

  • So which are the ground?

  • We start with his head.

  • He has a big round head.

  • That's amazing, Linus.

  • We're gonna make a light circle for his head, and it's a little bit more of a role in a perfect circle.

  • So I made a little bit more like an egg shaped and then his body may be gutless.

  • By golly, you don't have to feel that way like this.

  • If you were to measure this and this, they're about the same height.

  • So his head is almost his head all by itself is almost as big as his body.

  • And then we're gonna loosely draw and where his feet would dio His feet are like little loaves of bread, and they're much closer to his body than you would think because his legs are really short.

  • But we need to figure out next is where his ears and his nose are gonna go.

  • So if you made a cross line across his head like this and you made another one like this.

  • This gives you sort of positioning.

  • So over the top of his year, it's right there.

  • He has a little back, but it is back.

  • You're showing his nose is kind of a sideways you and it sits right on this line.

  • And then his eyes kind of go right there.

  • He's got a little curlicue of hair gonna do.

  • This is where his neck will go.

  • I'm gonna rough.

  • And where his shorts go, his shorts go are really low.

  • Like, almost like he needs to tuck his shirt.

  • And But he forgot.

  • And then his his index finger touches the line of his shorts and his fingers come up next to it like that.

  • You gotta zigzag shirt to that.

  • He always wears, so we're gonna usually do that.

  • So see, I've done all this in light, and now I'm gonna go back over it and darken it up a little bit.

  • So Curtis head comes down years right here.

  • Negrin here.

  • He's got a collar on his shirt.

  • Charlie Brown doesn't have shoulders.

  • Really.

  • His shoulders just kind of come down like that, and then we're gonna just draw on his back arm you can come.

  • Just barely sees back home right there.

  • Sleaze years.

  • That's the fun.

  • I'm sure the short we're gonna loosely could some black in there.

  • Schultz always did this really nice thing where he left some white space.

  • And they even have issues me a little bit more because his legs are really short.

  • I can see it.

  • I'm really visualizing.

  • I'm visualizing socks on.

  • Get she'll Ice is all right now let's go back to the space In a dark in his nose, dark in his eyes Got a little eyelashes, Curlicue of hair It's gonna be smile And last but not least famous exact shirt Charlie Brown.

if he has fans on page.

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How to Draw Charlie Brown

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/06/22
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