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  • - Hello everyone, this is Lucy

  • from English with Lucy.

  • I've got a really, really quick video answering a question

  • that I've been getting quite a lot

  • and it is how do you pronounce this word?

  • Well, there are two acceptable ways of pronouncing it.

  • Now, originally in old, old English,

  • the only correct way was often.

  • Often.

  • But now many, many people pronounce it often.

  • Often.

  • And Cambridge and Oxford dictionaries

  • both accept this pronunciation.

  • I am actually more inclined

  • to pronounce it often as well

  • simply because it's something

  • that my parents said.

  • So, both are absolutely fine

  • and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

  • Big kiss to all my Lucifers

  • and I'll see you again for another lesson

  • very, very soon.

- Hello everyone, this is Lucy

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