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  • Hello and welcome back to English with Lucy. I'm with Anna today from English like a Native

  • Hi my name is Anna and some of you might know me from English like a native which is kind

  • of similar but not as glamorous as Lucy's channel.Oh it's pretty glamorous.

  • Definitely check out Anna's channel she makes some fantastic videos all about the English

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  • me know how you find it. So today we are going to be talking about

  • how to give compliments. We are filming 2 videos. The first one is here on my channel

  • and the second one will be on Anna's on my channel. You can go straight to her channel

  • as soon as you've finished this one. Here we are going to be talking about things that

  • you should say. And then we're going to be talking about things that you shouldn't say

  • when you're complimenting someone. So both very important videos so stay tuned. Ok so

  • firstly let's talk about some adjectives that we can use to compliment people. Compliment

  • the way they look exactly. So the first one is pretty. You're very pretty. So are you.

  • And pretty should be used generally towards women. If you want to compliment a man on

  • the other hand you can use handsome. I know lots of handsome men. I don't know any maybe

  • you can introduce me. So another word you can use to compliment a man or a woman would

  • be beautiful. Yes that can go for both can't it yeah. Really nice word. And then we have

  • gorgeous and gorgeous just means ah so attractive so if someone is gorgeous it means they are

  • really really nice. And then we have stunning, So if someone stuns you with how beautiful

  • they are then you would call them stunning. And then the last on breathtaking. so they

  • take your breath away with their beauty. they are just so amazing. i can't breathe you're

  • so handsome. One thing that I often hear my students use incorrectly is you look and you

  • look like. I would say you look plus adjective and you look like plus noun. So I might say

  • you look like Angelina Jolie. Funny you should say that! Or Anna you look beautiful or you

  • look stunning. So make sure that you're very careful when differentiating between you look

  • and you look like. So now we are going to give some examples of some nice ways of complimenting

  • people. Something that I always think is nice is noticing a change. So if someone's made

  • an extra effort with what they're wearing yeah or their hair yeah it's nice to say something

  • about it. Or if they've had their teeth whitened perhaps. Wow! You have amazing teeth! Um ok

  • so an example would be Anna I love what you've done with your hair. Oh, I've just had it

  • cut thank you so much Lucy! I love that top is that new? Thank you it is! It really brings

  • out the colour of your eyes! Ah, it's always good to compliment the eyes, when in doubt

  • talk about the eyes! You could also talk about something that's not related to the way they

  • look. Yeah, it's always really nice to compliment the way a person is. I appreciate compliments

  • about personality more than I do about looks. So if I were to say maybe Anna I find you

  • really easy to be around or I find you really funny, I think that's a much nicer compliment

  • than just you look nice. Yes definitely I think I would definitely hold on to a compliment

  • like that than someone just saying you look pretty. It's really nice when someone says

  • something that they've obviously spent some time thinking about. Like I really like that

  • little line on your face when you smile. I like things like that. I really like your

  • dimples. Ok so those were some helpful tips on how to compliment people in English. Remember

  • it's very important to differentiate between you look and you look like. Remember Anna

  • looks beautiful and she looks like a potato! Sorry, she looks like Angelina Jolie. Make

  • sure you use the correct adjective. Be careful when calling men pretty and women handsome,

  • they might get offended. You should generally call women pretty and men handsome. Another

  • thing is to try and be specific. People will always appreciate a specific comment more

  • than a generic comment. Definitely yep. Try and make an effort to compliment things other

  • than just appearance. Normally people are much more flattered by a compliment about

  • something they've done or their personality rather than their appearance. Or something

  • they've chosen. Something they've had an effect on. Ok so that's it for today. Now you need

  • to head over to Anna's channel to watch the second part of this video. Which is very important

  • it's about what not to say when you're trying to compliment someone. So if you don't want

  • to offend us you need to watch that video. Don't forget to connect with me on all of

  • my social media which is right above Anna here and I'll see you for another English

  • lesson very very soon. Mwah! The word pretty. Ayyyy. Hansome men recent Lucy. Aaah why is

  • my mouth not working? Now one thing that I often hear. Often! Very posh! one

  • thing that I Um..oh...compliment me bitch!! Or I really like. Oh my god! It's like word

  • vomit! It's like all the compliments I've ever wanted to hear just coming out!

Hello and welcome back to English with Lucy. I'm with Anna today from English like a Native

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How to give COMPLIMENTS | British English Speaking Practice*

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