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  • Hi guys! Welcome on my channel. My name is Charlotte

  • I am from Belgium and today I want to give you a small list of 3 things that I personally miss about Taiwan.

  • When I talk with other foreigners who have lived (or stayed for a long time) in Taiwan,

  • The things we miss are similar. Obviously, we miss the food and the friendly people.

  • To make this video a bit more surprising, I want to give you more specific things,

  • small little things that I personally miss about Taiwan, things you probably have not heard yet from foreigners.

  • Let us start with number 3 on my list.

  • When you are in Taipei, you have a very convenient MRT system

  • One of those lines is the brown line, the Neihu line

  • That one (if I understood it correctly) is the oldest subway line in the whole of Taipei.

  • It had no driver. I think it is the smallest one and maybe the slowest one

  • I used to take this line to go home and there was something I really loved about this subway line:

  • The part where it passes through the airport. “Songshan airport” I think it is called.

  • There is one part where the MRT comes out of the dark tunnel of the airport and then you see the airplanes right next to you in the airport.

  • Sometimes, if you are lucky, you can see an airplane taking off or landing

  • I do not know why, but when I am in Belgium and I take a bus or subway,

  • sometimes I'm still reminded about the brown Neihu line in Taipei and it is really something I miss.

  • Now the second thing on my list:

  • This is a little bit related to food. But not really

  • As you guys know, I am a very big fan ofbubble milk teaorpearl milk tea”, or whatever you want to call it.

  • In Taiwan, there are so many brands but something specific that I liked was in the “50 lan”, you have the very small sized pearls.

  • There are normal sized and super tiny pearls.

  • Since I have tried those kinds of pearls, I became totally addicted and always looking for those ones.

  • That is so sad, because here in Belgium, in the very rare cases that I can findpearl milk tea”,

  • I think I will never find the very small ones, my favourite ones.

  • Now, pearl milk tea will never be the same again for me. I am always looking for that specific kind.

  • That is another weird and random thing I miss about Taiwan.

  • Number 1 on my list might sound so trivial and normal to you, so please don't be disappointed.

  • This is personally something I really miss. And that is:

  • Louisa Coffee. And just the whole coffee shop culture in general.

  • I cannot find anything like Louisa Coffee in Belgium. Especially for that price and quality.

  • My favourite drink there was the brown sugar milk tea.

  • Sometimes, when I wanted to spoil myself, I had some cake on the side.

  • When I went to Different Louisa's in different places, they had different kind of cakes,

  • so it was always exciting to find out what a new Louisa would have.

  • What I also really liked about the Louisa Coffee in my neighbourhood is that it closed very late compared to other places

  • Sometimes even until 9pm (or 11pm!). Whenever other people are probably having fun in the city and partying and going out on a Friday night,

  • at 9pm I was still chilling in Louisa Coffee and I just loved it so much.

  • That is something that I terribly miss, because in Belgium, we do not have this concept of having many coffee shops

  • It is not the same. Usually, when you go to a coffee shop, they do not want you to stay there for a long time.

  • Because they want to have more clients. You should just have your drink, you can stay a little bit, but then you have to leave.

  • I felt like in the Louisa Coffees in Taiwan, when it is not a very small shop and there is enough space,

  • You can sit there for 3 hours to study and nobody will say anything to you.

  • That is something I really liked and that I miss a lot.

  • These were 3 unexpected things that I personally miss about Taiwan.

  • I bet you could not any of those in advance, because they are just so random and personal for me.

  • If you are interested to hear more of these, I have many more little things that I miss about Taiwan

  • If you want me to, I will make a “part 2” in the future.

  • I am also very curious to know about you!

  • Whenever you go out of Taiwan, or if you are a foreigner, when you go back to your home country,

  • what do you miss about Taiwan that is not obvious like food and people?

  • Let me know in the comments down below. Thank you so much for watching!

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  • Suitcase

  • I'm probably thinking about this because I want to travel again.

  • If you saysuitcasein the comments, I will know you watched until the end and you are awesome!

  • Thank you so much! Don't forget tolikeandsubscribe”.

  • See you very soon in the next video. Bye bye ~

Hi guys! Welcome on my channel. My name is Charlotte

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3 surprising things I miss about Taiwan

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    周建丞 posted on 2020/06/18
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