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  • Hello!

  • My name is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart,

  • and I've time-traveled from the 18th century

  • to explain to you the lyrics to my composition,

  • Alright kiddies.

  • The lyrics are a little bit naughty,

  • so don't say Daddy Amadeus didn't warn you!

  • That means:

  • "Lick me in the ass."

  • "Quickly,"

  • "quickly."

  • I mean, come on.

  • How is that not

  • quality musical humor?

  • And for me, to set it...

  • to a six-part musical canon...

  • Well see, here's the thing.

  • Me and my homeboys,

  • Heinrich,

  • Friedrich,

  • and the rest of the

  • Wolf-Gang,

  • we enjoy a little bit of that...

  • And so the six of us would used to get together,

  • once a month.

  • And, uh...

  • Get ourselves cleaned while we sing this in a

  • six-part canon.

  • I actually once considered making a seven-part canon.

  • Except unfortunately,

  • Salieri wasn't quite up to it.

  • He said he felt uncomfortable.

  • Such a shame.

  • That man could do with...

  • With some...

  • A little...

  • (offscreen) AHEM.

  • (offscreen) Uhh...

  • (offscreen) There's still more.

  • Oh, no. But that is...

  • Literally the entire lyrics,

  • to the entire piece.

  • (offscreen) No there's like, the restThe lyrics,

  • you know, like

  • Here. Show me that!

  • Give me that!

  • My damn publicist!

  • He must have thought it too vulgar, the lyrics,

  • and decided to add

  • additional lyrics

  • to tone down the piece.

  • But it loses its...

  • It loses its flavor, don't you think?

  • I mean...

  • Sounds like he's trying to write

  • an essay in...

  • Optimism in life.

  • But...

  • Who needs optimism,

  • when you can have some...


  • Before I finish, I just want to add:

  • Isn't it great how the composition

  • The melody ends

  • with such a light...

  • ...fluttery set of quavers?

  • You know, how it just kinda...

  • Just flutters off the tongue, you know? Like,

  • (offscreen) Okay, that's enough now.

  • Sorry.

  • But!

  • Anyway, it was such a pleasure to visit the 21st century.

  • Unfortunately, I have to go back to my time now.

  • I must say I was exposed to some great

  • master works of music here. I mean,

  • I heard a song called, uh...

  • Anyway.

  • Don't forget to subscribe to TwoSet Violin.

  • Wolf-Gang out.


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W. A. Mozart "LECK MICH IM ARSCH" Official Lyrics & Meaning | Historically Verified

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