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  • If I told you that I was I was absolutely legless, that I was totally out of it, that

  • I was completely plastered, what would I be talking about? Well I'm going to tell you,

  • right after this.

  • I'm sure we've all seen someone like this. The six stages of being drunk. They drink

  • a lot, then they talk a lot. Then they dance a lot, then they tell you they love you. Then

  • they want to do something crazy. But instead of doing something crazy, they fall asleep

  • on the train. Well in British English we have hundreds of words to describe being drunk.

  • I guess it's a part of our culture. So I wanted to share with the ten best slang words. Let's

  • start with tipsy. This means a little bit drunk so not too drunk, just a little bit.

  • You are laughing more than you would normally, you are smiling more than you would normally,

  • you kind of feel you've got a little buzz. You are kind of excited. 'I get a bit tipsy

  • after one glass of wine.' Alright, tipsy, a little bit drunk. Number two pissed. Now

  • this is slightly rude, this is a slightly rude word. These are all informal expressions

  • so as always be careful about where you use these phrases. Pissed means drunk, yeah so

  • it's more drunk than tipsy. It's a really common expression, I use it quite a lot 'I'm

  • feeling a bit pissed.' I'm feeling a bit drunk. Pissed. In Scotland they would say 'pished'

  • instead of pissed. It's exactly the same meaning just slightly differently pronounced. So 'pished'.

  • Number three hammered. Hammered is very drunk, so if we have got a scale, we've got tipsy

  • is sort of a little bit drunk, pissed is just drunk, you've got hammered is very drunk.

  • 'I was hammered last night.' Now you will notice with some of these words that they

  • are so random, they are kind of like all most made up words. There is a British comedian

  • called Michael Mcintyre and he does a joke about how we can just make up any words to

  • mean drunk so he talks about feeling 'pyjamered'. 'Oh I'm absolutely pyjama-ed.' You know it

  • could mean drunk, it doesn't but why not, it could do. 'Mate I was so cappuccino'ed

  • last night' it could mean drunk. It doesn't but you know, we just use any word. We put

  • an -ed on the end and it sounds like you could be drunk. Number four, legless. Again very

  • drunk. This one kind of makes sense, right? Legless, you are without your legs because

  • you've drunk so much that you can't move. You are struggling to walk. Legless, very

  • drunk. Number five, battered. Again, super drunk. 'You were battered at the wedding'.

  • You were very drunk at the wedding. Alright a little phrase here 'out of it'. to be out

  • of it. 'Look at John over there, he is out of it.' It just means he is very drunk. So

  • if you are out of it, you are very drunk. Number seven, this is a rude one so I'm not

  • going to say the swear word. 'Sh*tfaced'. This is a brilliant phrase, you know what

  • that word is. But yeah if you are sh*tfaced then you are really drunk. Number eight, this

  • is one we kind of share with American English, wasted. so if you are wasted, you are completely

  • drunk. You have no idea where you are, yeah you are wasted. As I said this is used in

  • American English as well so it's kind of shared but it is very commonly used in British English.

  • Wasted. The -ed there is /id/ so wasted. Wasted. Number nine, plastered. 'I'm not going to

  • dance unless I'm absolutely plastered'. So plastered, very very drunk. And number ten,

  • ten and eleven. I'm going to cheat and give you two here. To be off your trolley. A trolley,

  • well if you think about on a airplane, the air steward is pushing a trolley with tea

  • and coffee on so to be off your trolley to be totally drunk. 'You were off your trolley

  • last night.' You were absolutely drunk. Also under the table. To be under the table. Example

  • sentence 'By nine o'clock everyone was under the table.' Everyone was drunk. Alright now

  • I know that I've missed out loads and loads of fantastic slang phrases to talk about drunk.

  • So if you know any others then let me know in the comments below. If you want to make

  • up one just like Michael Mcintyre then also let me know in the comments below. You know

  • 'I was totally sandwiched last night' so if you want to make one up, put it in the comments

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  • content. But until next time guys, thanks so much for hanging out with me. Until next

  • time guys, this is Tom the chief dreamer saying goodbye.

If I told you that I was I was absolutely legless, that I was totally out of it, that

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10 British Slang Words For Drunk

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