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  • hi everybody Jennifer from Tarle Speech I got a great question today in an email

  • it is how do I pronounce whatever and wherever at normal conversational speed

  • when they're in a phrase so I have a couple of tips for you so let's go ahead

  • and take a look so we have what ever and we're gonna pronounce this as wud

  • wud wud ever whatever so the first syllable is going to be

  • very short wud and the second syllable of the word or the second word rather will be a

  • little bit longer so whatever whatever so that's number one

  • same thing here where ever think of pronouncing this word as wear like we

  • wear clothes wherever wherever so the key is is to

  • again make the wud very short whatever and we're gonna use that flap T there so

  • it's going to sound like a D and wherever so you want to make those short

  • at the beginning and then also link those words together and by linking what

  • I mean is no pause between those two words so it's almost like whatever is

  • one word and wherever is one word okay so that's number one is make these two

  • short phrases sound like one word whatever wherever number two when we add

  • them to another phrase how could we make that sound a little better again let's

  • think about linking so practice first being able to say whatever and wherever

  • and then think about what do you want to add to this sentence so for instance he

  • said in his question whatever the weather so again I just said that with

  • pauses in between words and that's totally fine everyone is going to

  • understand you so you can do that and say whatever the weather that's just

  • fine or you can get fancy you can link these two words whatever and then

  • link these two words the weather whatever the weather so again super

  • short for what super short for the link those with no pause between so the

  • practice the weather the weather the weather and then practice whatever

  • whatever whatever now let's combine the two the weather

  • whatever the weather whatever the weather whatever the weather whatever

  • the weather can hear my pitch going up a little bit on the second word in each of

  • those phrases so whatever the weather another example would be wherever we go

  • or wherever I think he said we were same thing let's take those principles

  • wherever we're gonna link this we were we're going to link this wherever we

  • were wherever we were wherever we were again we're going to go sort of wherever

  • we were wherever we were linked those all together practice we were we were we

  • were practice wherever wherever wherever and then let's combine wherever we were

  • whatever the weather wherever we were we can practice our speech as we go I made a

  • little rhyme for you so give it a try I know people are going to notice the

  • difference if you found this helpful we would love a like and a share don't

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  • below thank you so much and hope to see you all again soon

hi everybody Jennifer from Tarle Speech I got a great question today in an email

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LINKING- How to Pronounce What Ever & Where Ever - English Pronunciation Lesson

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    Summer posted on 2020/06/08
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