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  • hello Jennifer from Tarle Speech with your pronunciation question today's

  • question is how do I pronounce the two words cheat and sheet let's go ahead and

  • take a look at these words so cheat means to act dishonestly and sheet refers to a

  • rectangular piece of paper or a material or some type of substance the big

  • difference between these two words which confuses my students is the CH sound and

  • the SH sound first let's talk about spelling the CH and the SH I circled on

  • here so you know that it is one sound spelled with two letters this is called

  • a digraph in English and it means two letters one sound so tip number one is

  • don't even think about saying an H sound that should help you a lot I have lots

  • of students that try to do that so let's now learn how do we actually

  • say these sounds let's start with the Shh sound this is relatively easy you're

  • going to round your lips very round very tense and that should get your tongue

  • into the right position it's going to be high and flat in your mouth and it is

  • not touching your teeth sh and the air is going to continuously move out of your

  • mouth now for the CH sound again remember two letters one sound what

  • you're going to do is you're going to round your lips again but this time

  • you're going to touch the tip of your tongue that part right there to the back

  • of your top front teeth ch ch ch so you're going to touch and then pull it back touch and

  • pull it back so we have ch and sh

  • ch

  • Shh then for both words they end the same we're going to move to a long e by

  • smiling and then touch the tip of the tongue to the back of the top front

  • teeth for the t sound so we have cheat cheat cheat and sheet sheet sheet so

  • again touch your teeth cheat don't touch your teeth sheet now as a little bonus

  • how do you say the word cheat sheet which would be some notes that you have

  • maybe to take into an exam when you're allowed to use your notes to take the

  • test what you're going to do is we're going to make a compound noun what is

  • that it's two words put together to form a new word that means something

  • different and when we make a compound noun we're going to link the words

  • together meaning no pause between those two words word number one is going to be

  • louder and it's going to be higher in pitch and the vowel is going to be

  • longer as opposed to word number two which will be softer lower in pitch and

  • have a shorter vowel so we're gonna say cheat sheet cheat sheet cheat sheet

  • cheat sheet so I hope you don't have to cheat on your test when you're writing

  • your answers on the sheet since you were allowed to bring in a cheat sheet give

  • it a try people are going to notice the difference if you found this helpful

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  • if you have any questions leave them in the comment section below

  • thank you all see you next week

hello Jennifer from Tarle Speech with your pronunciation question today's

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How to Pronounce CHEAT SHEET - American English Pronunciation Lesson

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    Summer posted on 2020/06/08
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