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  • Today we're going to Dinosaur World!

  • And it's pet-friendly so Kuma can go with me.

  • She's very excited.

  • Meeting my friend and her kids there, so that'll be fun for the kids.

  • It's just off of I-4 on exit 17 and only 20 minutes from Tampa which isn't that far at all.

  • If you've been on I-4 around this area, you'll see like this big T-rex and that's where Dinosaur World is.

  • Exit 17. Dinosaur World!

  • There he is. T-rex.

  • Going into Dinosaur World!

  • *bark* *bark*

  • What is that, Kuma?

  • This is Miss Aubrey. She's documenting this as well. Hi Aubrey.

  • That's the cutest trash.

  • Section 3 here is the museum with the animatronics. That's open all day.

  • Look at all the dinosaurs!

  • Are you excited for this game?

  • Are you excited for the game, Eli?

  • Yes.

  • there were actually two-legged crocodiles in what's now the Carolinas.

  • Are we ready!?

  • Yeah!!

  • Here we go!

  • Tan dan dan! Da da da daaaaa! Da da da daaaaa!

  • *BARK* *BARK* *BARK*

  • Oh want to say hi? Kuma, look!

  • Look, it's a friend!

  • Just in case you were wondering how dinosaurs ate and killed each other...

  • That's it, right there. Very uh... very real here.

  • Oh yeah, these are cool.

  • I think Kuma wants to join you guys.

  • Do you want to play, Kuma?

  • We just got done with Dinosaur World. What did you guys think?

  • It was We just finished rock climbing.

  • A rock climbing championship and I won!

  • So what was your favorite part about Dinosaur World?

  • I like the Fossil Dig, statues, and the park.

  • Alright, you guys ready? Let's go!

  • Eli, do you wanna say bye to the dinosaurs?

  • Bye dinosaur, bye dinosaur, bye dinosaur, bye dinosaur, bye dinosaur, bye dinosaur

  • Hahaha there's a lot of them to say bye to, huh?

Today we're going to Dinosaur World!

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Adventures with Kuma the Corgi: Pet-friendly Dinosaur World in Plant City, Florida

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    Summer posted on 2020/06/08
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