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  • We are looking at the top five British place names that you will never say wrong again.

  • The first one, it's the capital of England, the Queen lives there, Harry Potter lives

  • there, I live there. How do we say it? London, not London, London. Now the stress is on the

  • first syllable. London. Let's say it really slowly. London. Ok, I'm going to put that

  • into a sentence. 'I'm from London.'

  • Number two, it's a beautiful city in Scotland. Edinburgh. Edinburgh. Now this is British

  • English and specifically my accent is London English so there are some differences but

  • this is how I would say it. Edinburgh. not Edinburg or Edinborough. Edinburgh. Ok, how

  • many syllables does it have? Edinburgh. Ok three syllables. The stress is on the first

  • one, Edinburgh.

  • Number three, now we are getting difficult. This is a tricky one. This is one people get

  • wrong so often. Now it's really important because they won the English Premier League

  • last season so we need to know how to say it. Ok, we say Leicester. Not LeiSester or

  • LeiChester, Leicester. It's got two syllables Leicester. Ok put them together. Leicester.

  • Now if you are in London you might have seen the tube station Leicester Square, it's the

  • same name so it's the same pronunciation. This is the central area, it's very popular

  • with tourists so now you know how to say it. Leicester Square.

  • Number four, we're going to the beach. This is my favourite or one of my favourite seaside

  • towns. Brighton. Not Brighton because I hear that so often Brighton no no no Brighton.

  • Ok the last one. I think it's the most difficult. It's the river that runs through London, it

  • looks like this and it's mispronounced as Thames but really it should be said Thames.

  • So the River Thames. That 'th' is actually a /t/ not 'th' it's a /t/ so Thames the River

  • Thames.

  • Alright guys, I want to know 'Have you ever been to any of these places?' If you have

  • been please tell me in the comments below I love to hear from you guys. Also if you

  • want to watch all my other English language learning videos and lessons please go to my

  • YouTube channel which is Eat Sleep Dream English. Alright guys, thank you so much for hanging

  • out with me. This is Tom the English Hipster saying goodbye.

We are looking at the top five British place names that you will never say wrong again.

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How to Pronounce Famous British Places Perfectly

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