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  • Eat Sleep Dreamers, I'm heading to Dublin in Ireland and I thought you guys should come

  • with me, right? I've got my passport. There's the plane. Let's go have a great weekend!

  • Alright, I've just landed in Dublin. I've just checked into my hotel and I'm going for

  • a run. That's right Eat Sleep Dreamers, I'm going to go for a run. It's the best way to

  • see the city. Get on your two feet and run! I'm going to do it. Are you going to come

  • with me?

  • Guys, I'm running along and I suddenly get this amazing smell. I'm like 'what's that?'

  • I turn around and it's, it's the Guinness factory! They only make my favourite drink

  • in there. Amazing! It smells incredible. It's very hard to run and smell that smell at the

  • same time. I promise I will come back. I will return. I will have my Guinness at the top

  • of there factory. There's a bar up there, I know there's a bar with a beautiful view

  • over Dublin. I'm going to return. Alright, got to keep running.

  • Guys, you join me at half-time during a hurling match. Now hurling is a traditional Irish

  • sport, it's really fast, it's really fun. I'm absolutely loving it. It's a bit similar

  • to rugby or hockey, I can't really describe it. I'll show you in a minute but it's a fantastic

  • sport.

  • Ok, at the moment it's a pretty tight game. I don't really understand all the rules but

  • I am enjoying it. And the best thing about this is the crowd reaction. Watching the crowd

  • get really passionate about this game, it's fascinating.

  • Because we've come all the way to Ireland I want to talk to you guys about some travel

  • vocabulary and I want to start off with a really popular word at the moment. It's a

  • feeling, it's that feeling that you to travel to as many places as you can. It's that feeling

  • that when you look at a photo of an amazing place you think 'I want to go there, I want

  • to see that'. That feeling is 'wanderlust'. Now, it's really popular these days, you see

  • it on Instagram hashtag wanderlust and that's just people talking about their desire to

  • travel. Do you ever get wanderlust? Because I have wanderlust most of the time especially

  • when I'm on Instagram. Ireland was definitely on the list of places that I wanted to visit

  • so here I am. I'm here with my friends for the weekend. So we describe this as 'a weekend

  • away'. And that's just a weekend, not at home, visiting a different place. Now if you are

  • with just male friends you could call that 'a guys' weekend' and if you are with female

  • friends, just females you could call that 'a girls' weekend.' It's the same idea, a

  • group of friends together going somewhere to have fun. Ok, let's practise. 'Let's plan

  • a weekend away in December'. Ok, good job guys. Now tell me, I really want

  • to know. Have you been for a weekend away recently? Where did you go? Did you have fun?

  • Who did you go with? et cetera et cetera tell me in the comments below, I love to hear your

  • stories.

  • As promised I said i would get my Guinness so I've come to the Guinness factory. I'm

  • going to go on the tour. Check it out. See how it's made and then hopefully at the end

  • I'll get to try a beautiful pint of Guinness.

  • Alright, we are inside. Now whenever I come to a museum i always seem to forget all the

  • facts that I've learned so today I'm going to try and learn three facts about Guinness

  • to take away home with me afterwards.

  • We've come to the end of the tour and at the end they have a wonderful surprise for you.

  • There is something called the Gravity Bar where you come up and there's a bar there.

  • They give you a ticket and you get a free pint of Guinness with the most amazing view

  • of Dublin, let's have a look.

  • So I finally got my pint of Guinness. I'm very very happy. It tastes absolutely incredible.

  • I think if you learn about how it's made, by the time you get to taste it, you are so

  • ready, it's amazing. Anyway cheers Eat Sleep Dreamers.

  • Ok, I've finished my tour. I remember my three things. So my three things are. Guinness or

  • beer, Guinness has four things in it. It has barley, hops, water and yeast. Alright that's

  • number one. Second thing is that the water in Guinness is from, not from the River Liffey,

  • which is in Dublin, which most people think. It's actually from the Wicklow mountains.

  • Alright that's number two. Third thing! Third thing. Hold on. Alright the third thing. I

  • remembered the third thing is that Guinness is actually red. It looks black but if you

  • hold it up to the light then you'll see that it's actually a very dark ruby red colour.

  • Yes! I got my three things and I recommend any time you go to a museum don't try and

  • learn everything because it's impossible. Just try and remember three things or three

  • key facts and take them home with you and you will remember them for life, maybe.

  • Guys, that's it, I've come to the end of my trip, my whistle stop tour here in Dublin.

  • It's been a magnificent time. I've met some wonderful people, had some great food, had

  • too much Guinness but it was all worth it. Anyway I'm going to be going on another trip

  • really soon to another place in Europe. I'm going to be telling you more about it really

  • soon, you guys are definitely coming with me, Ok? I'm really excited. Anyway, that's

  • it for today. Thanks so much for hanging with me guys. This Tom the English Hipster saying

  • goodbye.

Eat Sleep Dreamers, I'm heading to Dublin in Ireland and I thought you guys should come

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