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  • Greeting Eat Sleep Dreamers and welcome to today's lesson. We're going to be looking

  • at two vowel sounds that learners often get confused. Alright if you are ready, let's

  • make your pronunciation perfect.

  • Ok, let's have a look at our first sound, /e/. Ok, now have a look at the mouth, what's

  • it doing? Ok, it's big and open /e/. Cheeks are high, up there and the sound is coming

  • from the back of my throat /e/. Nice big open sound. Ok, words that have that sound include:

  • bed, head, said, pen, dress, many. Our second sound is /I/ now here the cheeks, the mouth

  • isn;t quite so big so it's a bit smaller. So it's /I/ before the sound was /e/ so bigger

  • mouth, the mouth was wider. This time /I/ the mouth is smaller more closed. So let's

  • try that again /I/. So words that have the sound /I/ include: big, pin, hill, middle,

  • minute, ill and lots of others. We're now going to compare the two sounds within words

  • that sound similar. So in the first word I'll have the /e/ sound and in the second word

  • it'll be the /I/ sound. Ok, let's try that. Head. Hid. Ten. Tin. Hell. Hill. Medal. Middle.

  • Eat Sleep Dreamers it's now my favourite part we get to practise the sounds. We're going

  • to do it in two ways. Alright, the first time we're going to do tongue twisters. Now what

  • is a tongue twister? A tongue twister is a sentence that doesn't make any sense but or

  • has no meaning but it helps us to practise the sounds. Ok. So I'm going to say it very

  • slowly and I want you guys to say after me. 'He said he hit his head on the big red bed'.

  • Let's look at the sounds there. So, he said /e/ he hit /I/ his head /e/ on the big /I/

  • red /e/ bed /e/ again. Ok, let's say it again 'He said he hit his head on the big red bed'.

  • Your turn! Ok, alright let's try and speed it up a bit. 'He said he hit his head on the

  • big red bed'. Too fast! Too fast! Alright, but that's a great way to practise ok, is

  • to just say a sentence like that practising the sounds because it's making you change between

  • one sound to another sound very quickly. So 'He said he hit his head on the big red bed'.

  • Making you say those different sounds at different times. Alright the second way to practise

  • is to use your phone. Now, on your phone I'm sure you have a voice recorder. This is a

  • great way to record yourself saying these words, listen back to them and to see how

  • correct you are. How well you've pronounced the words. Maybe if you have an English teacher

  • where you are or a friend that speaks very good English or family member that speaks

  • very good English you could get them to check the sounds as well, Ok? Maybe you could record

  • your tongue twister on your voice recorder and play it to someone and see what they think.

  • Alright guys that's it for today. Thank you so much for hanging out with me. Remember

  • there are loads of other useful English videos for you at Eat Sleep Dream English dot com.

  • If you want me to make a video about a part of English that you find difficult, tell me

  • ok. Send me an email at Send me a message, I love to hear from you

  • guys. Come say hello to me, tell me where you're watching from. Where you are learning

  • English, I love to hear from all my Eat Sleep Dreamers because we are one big community

  • together. Alright everyone, thank you so much for hanging out with me. I'll be back again,

  • every Friday with a new video and sometimes on a Tuesday as well I drop in a little Super

  • Quick English Lesson as well. Alright thank you very much this is Tom the English Hipster

  • saying goodbye.

Greeting Eat Sleep Dreamers and welcome to today's lesson. We're going to be looking

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English Lessons with Tom #16: Vowel Sounds /e/ vs /ɪ/

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    Summer posted on 2020/06/08
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