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  • hey everyone Jennifer from Tarle speech with your pronunciation question

  • today's question is another long one how do I pronounce the words green the color

  • grin a small smile grain wheat and grown to grow something or groan meaning

  • to moan so let's start with the G R that's the easiest to tackle to do this

  • we're going to start with the tongue in the bottom of your mouth for the g sound

  • and when you say the g sound the back of your tongue is pulled up and the tip

  • of your tongue is pointing down g g then from here gr you are

  • basically going to keep I at least keep my tongue and almost exactly the same

  • spot and what I do is I move my lips into a square tense shape and that helps

  • me get to that er sound er er yes my tongue is moving inside of my mouth but

  • just by moving my lips that helps get the tongue in to the correct spot if you

  • do make your R sound with the tip of your tongue pointed back that is fine

  • then just move from that G back to the r the key is is to say this smoothly

  • without adding an uh sound between you do not want to say ga green or ga ring

  • and just a nice smooth transition between the G and the R gr gr

  • okay let's move on to the vowels actually let's look at that ending sound

  • the n sound to make that end sound you're going to touch the tip of your

  • tongue to the back of your top front teeth this is important you want to make

  • sure that you put your tongue behind your top front teeth and hold it there

  • for a second to make sure that that n sound is nice and pronounced and a

  • little bit longer the mistake that I hear are some of my students make is

  • that they say green and it's so super short and they move the tongue away and

  • so you want to make sure you hold that n found just for a little extra second

  • now to get to the vowels for the e sound you're just going to smile e for the

  • short I sound think of moving from that e so your tongue is going to be really

  • high in your mouth and flat and it's going to be high in your top front teeth

  • and for the ih sound you open your mouth slightly and your tongue is going to

  • just fall slightly in your mouth it's going to be just a little bit lower it's

  • still flat and think about relaxing your mouth so tense mouth for the e and

  • relaxed mouth for the ih green grin green grin now for the grain you are going to

  • say the a sound and to do that you open your mouth in a wide circle and then

  • move to that e sound by smiling and this is a tense mouth shape for a ain

  • grain and last for grown and grown good news they're pronounced exactly the same

  • we are going to say o with an oval open mouth shape we're just going to get your

  • tongue low in your mouth and then you're going to pucker we're just going to help

  • your tongue move up into the middle of your mouth oh oh

  • groan so we have green grin grain groan grown grain grin green the farmer had to

  • grin when he looked at his grain that was very green that had grown a lot from

  • the rain give it a try I know people are going to notice the difference if you

  • found this helpful we love alike and it should both share don't forget to

  • subscribe and check out our products on Google Play and iTunes and I hope to see

  • you next week thanks so much

hey everyone Jennifer from Tarle speech with your pronunciation question

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How to Pronounce GREEN GRAIN GRIN GROAN GROWN - English Pronunciation Lesson

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    Summer posted on 2020/06/08
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