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  • Eat Sleep Dreamers, how are you?

  • Today we're going to help you order your cappuccinos, green tea lattes, grande, iced, soya, decaf,

  • triple shot, frappadappaccinos in your favourite coffee house.

  • Are you ready?

  • Let's do this.

  • Thanks for joining me Eat Sleep Dreamers.

  • Now today we're going to be looking at how to order a drink in your favourite coffee

  • shop.

  • Now it can be a scary experience ordering something in English.

  • So here are some really useful natural English phrases to help you.

  • Here's our friend Emily and she loves coffee, like really loves coffee and she's visiting

  • her favourite coffee shop.

  • Meet barista Dan.

  • Barista is the word for someone who works in a coffee shop.

  • It's originally an Italian word.

  • Barista Dan says 'Hey, what can I get you?'

  • Emily orders by saying 'Can I get a tall latte, please?'

  • 'Is that to have here or to go?'

  • 'To go, please.'

  • 'That'll be two pounds twenty.'

  • 'Here you go.'

  • 'Here's your latte.

  • Have a nice day.'

  • 'Thanks, you too.'

  • Good job Emily, now that's how to order a coffee.

  • Ok, let's have a look at another example.

  • So again barista Dan asks his customer what they want by saying 'Hi, what would you like?'

  • This time Joe says 'I'd like an iced tea to have here, please.'

  • 'Sure, what size would you like?'

  • "Grande' 'Ok, that'll be two pounds eighty.'

  • 'Here you go.'

  • 'Here's your grande iced tea.'

  • 'Thanks very much.'

  • Ok, let's have a look at some super useful phrases.

  • First up, the barista might ask you what you want by saying 'What can I get you?'

  • 'What would you like?'

  • You can reply with 'Can I get' or 'I'd like' and don't forget to say please.

  • Honestly please is so important.

  • Another typical question is to see if you want to have your drink in the coffee shop

  • or to take it out.

  • 'Is that to have here or to go?'

  • They may ask you 'What size would you like?' and depending on the coffee shop you'll need

  • to say small medium large or tall grande venti.

  • Finally to pay the barista will say 'that'll be' and then the price and when you give them

  • the money you can say 'Here you are' or 'Here you go'.

  • Remember, if you want an e-book with all these natural English phrases you can download it

  • in the link below this video.

  • Hey, how was that?

  • I hope you found that useful.

  • Alright guys, thank you for watching my video teaching you how to order in your favourite

  • coffee shop.

  • Now to remember or to help you to remember all those useful phrases that we've looked

  • at today I've put together a free e-book that I want to give to you absolutely free.

  • Ok this is how you get it.

  • Click the link below ok and I'll send it to you immediately.

  • Inside it's got all the useful phrases that we looked at today plus some extra special

  • vocabulary and a practice exercise so that the next time you are in your favourite coffee

  • shop you can order in English with confidence.

  • Ok, so click the link below to download it.

  • Alright guys, thank you so much for hanging out with me today.

  • This is Tom from Eat Sleep Dream English saying goodbye.

Eat Sleep Dreamers, how are you?

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How to order a coffee in Starbucks | English lesson

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