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  • hey there Jennifer from Tarle speech today's question is a super a popular

  • question that I'm finally getting to how do I say the word qualitative meaning

  • descriptive data that measures qualities versus quantitative which is countable

  • data that measures amounts so let's go ahead and look at these words

  • qualitative and quantitative we're going to break these down into syllables and

  • hopefully make it a little bit easier for you good news the last three

  • syllables are exactly the same so let's start there

  • let's start in the middle here atay atay we're gonna have that schwa syllable

  • there schwa syllable super short unstressed relaxed mouth uh always link

  • it and connect it to the syllable before and the syllable after so for here we're

  • gonna connect it to the TAY and to do that you're going to touch the tip of

  • your tongue to the back of your top front teeth and then add that a and to

  • do that open your mouth and then move to a smile at a atay atay and then next

  • we're gonna end with div again touch the tip of your tongue to the back of your

  • top front teeth for that D short I with the relaxed mouth ih and then end with

  • the vvv sound voice box is on so your throat is vibrating and moving and you're

  • gently biting the inside or the outside of your bottom lip and that air just

  • moves out okay not spending a whole lot of time on this ending cause that's usually

  • not what the situation is or the problem for most people so we have a tative a

  • tative a tative you can see we're stressing that tay syllable all right

  • where does the confusion come in the beginning of course all right so we have

  • qual and the other word is Kwan now let's start with the qual to do this

  • your lips are going to be rounded for that w but you're not going to be saying

  • it you're going to start with a k and to do that tip of your tongue is in

  • the bottom of your mouth back of your tongue is pulled up kw kw and you're

  • gonna then add that oh vowel wall wall think about saying the word wall like

  • the wall behind me and then end by touching the tip of your tongue to the

  • back of your top front teeth for that l qual qual gonna hold that l a little

  • tiny bit while that air comes out of your mouth to make sure you really say

  • that l sound qual qual now for Kwan what you're going

  • to do is you're going to do the exact same thing but this time the air is

  • going to come out of your nose for that N Kwan kwan instead of out of the mouth

  • for the qual qual so it's qual Quan Qual Quan now you do have an option here some

  • people do say quant and they really add that T there to differentiate but I do

  • hear especially in more conversational and connected speech people dropping

  • that T and saying Quanah tative so let's put those all together we have

  • qualitative qualitative qualitative and quantitative quantitative quantitative

  • you can also say quantitative if you want that's totally fine and let's try

  • those again qualitative quantitative qualitative quantitative the scientists

  • collect both qualitative and quantitative data give it a try

  • I know people are going to notice the difference if you found this helpful

  • please you know the drill give us a like a share and a subscribe

  • check out our products on Google Play on iTunes and I hope to see you all again

  • soon thank you everybody take care

hey there Jennifer from Tarle speech today's question is a super a popular

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How to Pronounce QUALITATIVE & QUANTITATIVE - American English Pronunciation Lesson

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