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  • hi there Jennifer from Tarle Speech with your pronunciation question today's

  • question is a super quick lesson how do I pronounce the word typical or ordinary

  • let's go ahead and take a look so the word is typical and we have the schwa

  • syllable in here so the mistake that I hear is most people say tip pea coal and

  • that's incorrect because oftentimes in English in longer words that middle

  • letter I becomes the schwa a syllable and that's the case here we have Tippa

  • typical typical typical so let's look at the syllables here we're going to start

  • with tip with a nice short I sound tip then you're going to move to that uh

  • the key is make that second syllable very very short and make sure it's

  • connected to syllable number one so I also hear people say tip uh

  • coal and that's not the way we say it we link it all together

  • TIPA typical typical typical be careful here with the ending think of

  • this again as a really short uh sound tipa kl kl kl can actually

  • think of it even without a vowel there just the K in the L sound kl kl the

  • mistake I hear is people will say cowl tip ikawl and that's not correct it's

  • typical typical typical typical I added typically even though this wasn't part

  • of the question from my student and the reason I added this is because I hear

  • another mistake here when we say typically we are most of the time going

  • to use just three syllables I do hear some variations but by and large I

  • really just hear people say typically typic typically typically typically the

  • mistake that I hear from my students is I will hear people say tip thick oily or

  • typic alley and that sounds like an alley where you put your trash in the

  • city and that's not what we want to say I'm going to say typic lee

  • typic lee so the the syllable brakes are going to change a little bit so we still

  • have tip at the beginning of both of these words but instead of saying uh

  • we're gonna say ik Tip uh Kl tip ik Li typical typically typical typically and

  • let me give you a sentence on a typical day I typically eat eggs for breakfast

  • on a typical day I typically eat eggs for breakfast give it a try I know

  • people are going to notice the difference

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  • information thanks so much everyone I hope to see you again soon

hi there Jennifer from Tarle Speech with your pronunciation question today's

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How to Pronounce TYPICAL & TYPICALLY - American English Pronunciation Lesson

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    Summer posted on 2020/06/08
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