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  • hello Jennifer from Tarle speech today we're going to talk about some vowel

  • sounds that are very very similar and add on top of that that the words also

  • end an L sound which sometimes distorts the vowel for um English learners a little bit

  • so let's go ahead and jump in the words are fill fell file and feel think

  • spelling leads to some confusion so let's go ahead and start over here we

  • have two l's we're only going to say one so each of these words has three

  • sounds you bite your bottom lip gently air moves out continuously all of these

  • words end in an L lll the tip of your tongue touches the back of your top

  • front teeth this is super key in these four words you must touch the tip of

  • your tongue to the back of your top front teeth for these words or the

  • vowels will sound a little bit different and a little bit off because that l is

  • considered a semi vowel you don't need to know all the details but just know

  • you need to say that all right so let's look at these short vowels over here

  • fill and fell they look so close okay so for the ih ih ih sound that very short I

  • sound ih versus the eh sound eh eh eh and that is the sound in Fell okay so for ih my

  • mouth is relaxed for eh my mouth is relaxed what's the difference for the eh sound my

  • mouth is a little more open ih eh ih eh

  • okay so when that happens when your mouth goes from a little more close to a

  • little more open your tongue is going to move down in your mouth we'll let that

  • happen don't fight against it so we're going to

  • have the tongue up here ih ih ih and then eh eh eh for the eh sound my

  • tongue points slightly down it doesn't have to but mine does okay so let's put

  • that all together fill fill fill fell fell fell alright so now let's move on

  • to those long vowels that I mark with that long line I and e all right so for

  • the I my mouth is going to be super open and then it is going to move to a smile

  • as you do this use this mouth opening to help you get your tongue in the right

  • spot when you do that without trying to make any sound your tongue moves even if

  • you don't think about it correct so use that so for the ah your tongue is going

  • to be way down and low in the bottom of your mouth and the backs gonna be pulled

  • up a little tiny bit ah and then you're gonna move to that e I and for that

  • last part of that I sound your tongue is way high in your mouth almost touching

  • the roof of your mouth but not all right I file file file all right now it might

  • sound like there's an extra little uh in there I'm saying that so slowly that

  • there probably is so I apologize for that when I say it at speed it'll be a

  • little bit better now lastly for feel we're going to say the long e sound and

  • to do that smile as you smile your tongue is going to be high and flat in

  • your mouth feel feel feel alright let's try them

  • all fill fell file feel fill fell file feel file

  • feel fell fill give it a try I know people are going to notice the

  • difference if you found this helpful give us a like and a share and subscribe

  • don't forget to jump on over to tarle speech for all of our products and if

  • you have any questions leave them in the comment section below and we'll get back

  • to you thank you so much and I hope to see you soon

hello Jennifer from Tarle speech today we're going to talk about some vowel

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A2 ih file fell tongue mouth sound

How to Pronounce FILL, FELL, FILE, FEEL - American English Pronunciation Lesson

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    Summer posted on 2020/06/08
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