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  • For more than two decades, one race bike

  • has continually pushed the limits of performance.


  • So when it came time to create the next generation TCR,

  • the challenge was clear--

  • make it even more efficient with breakthrough aerodynamics.

  • Lighter.

  • Faster.

  • More speed with every pedal stroke.

  • And it all led to this.

  • The all-new TCR.

  • From the start of this project, we

  • focused on three key performance factors:

  • Class-leading efficiency.

  • Advanced aerodynamics.

  • And total control.

  • First, we focused on efficiency.

  • An unrivaled stiffness-to-weight ratio is a hallmark of the TCR.

  • This new model builds on that by using

  • new professional-grade composite materials, re-engineered tubing

  • shapes, and cutting edge manufacturing techniques.

  • To make up for added mass in areas of the frame that

  • have been modified for aerodynamic improvements,

  • we had to find new ways to reduce weight in other areas.

  • We invested in a new robotic assembly process

  • that allows ultra-precise placement of 150 smaller

  • composite swatches per frame set.

  • And while previous TCR frames were assembled

  • using machine-stamped composite swatches,

  • we now use new laser technology to produce more precise cuts.

  • These smaller, more precise swatches,

  • combined with robotic layup, result in a lighter

  • overall frame weight.

  • It's the combination of greater stiffness and less weight

  • that gives this bike its class-leading efficiency.

  • Second, the new TCR also takes a major leap forward

  • into aero-performance.

  • We used CFD and dynamic wind tunnel

  • testing to create new airfoil sections

  • with a truncated ellipse shape.

  • Every tube shape was analyzed, engineered,

  • and tested to produce an overall structure

  • with significantly lower drag.

  • In the end, we were able to create

  • the most aerodynamic bicycle in its class.

  • The third performance factor of the TCR,

  • following efficiency and aerodynamics, is control.

  • The new frame is integrated with flat-mount disc brake

  • technology for consistent braking

  • power in all conditions.

  • A new composite fork provides greater torsionial stiffness,

  • and a new aero-engineered contact SLR composite handlebar

  • and stem deliver pinpoint steering precision.

  • Lastly, added frame and fork clearance

  • lets you run larger tires, up to 32 millimeters,

  • for a smoother, faster ride quality.

  • Final approval comes from the riders who rely on this bike

  • day in and day out.

  • Prototypes have been ridden, tested,

  • and raced over thousands of kilometers

  • at the highest levels of the sport.

  • Updated and improved in all aspects

  • of road-racing performance, the all-new TCR

  • is the total race bike.

  • A legend reborn.

For more than two decades, one race bike

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Developing the Total Race Bike | Giant Bicycles

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