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  • toyota sells a range of prius hybrid cars so there's the prius V a small

  • hatchback the previous that's more common and more familiar and then this

  • one the prius v which is the largest one in the range so what we're going to do

  • with this video is run through some of the features that differentiate the

  • prius v from its siblings previous peak gets good mileage but its siblings the

  • previous and priya see each get a lot better mileage previous rated 42 miles

  • per gallon combined by the EPA whereas the previous and prius c iterated at 50

  • miles per gallon combined the previous be and the previous Drive similarly and

  • a big reason for that are these three mode there's ed which allows the car to

  • drive on battery power alone for short distances there's eco and that adjust

  • the throttle response and the climate controls to sort of help you get that

  • last little bit of mileage out of the car and power mode which gives you a

  • sharper throttle response and generally makes the prius v more lively

  • interestingly the prius c is different it does not offer the power mode you

  • only get the EV and the Eco mode when it comes to driving the prius v you're

  • definitely aware that you're driving a hybrid that means is a sort of a weird

  • elastic response to the engine it doesn't have that direct linear response

  • to the gas engine has also the brake pedal feels a little weird

  • it's not that it's bad it's just different the interesting thing is in my

  • experience the prius c drives the most like a small hatchback something about

  • the way they've done the engine and the transmission in that car makes you feel

  • like you're just driving any other normal little hatchback unlike the

  • previous be now in terms of passenger room the prius v actually pretty

  • comfortable back here at the seat where I would have it my knees are a little

  • high and that's a wild about that but in terms of space it's pretty good now when

  • it comes to comparing the prius v to the other previous models you know it's a

  • lot bigger on the outside but when it comes to actual space it's not a ton

  • bigger when it comes to carrying passengers the prius v has 97 cubic feet

  • of passenger space the previous has 94 and the prius c has 87 cubic feet of

  • passenger volume and cubic foot about the size of a basketball that helps you

  • figure out the kind of difference in size were talking about

  • it's when you look at the cargo area that the prius v starts to pull ahead of

  • the other previous models prius v has 34 cubic feet of cargo area like we have it

  • here with the seat up

  • that compares to 22 for the prius and 17 for the prius c so when you consider

  • previous models with the prius v you get a lot more cargo room a little bit more

  • passenger room but you pay the price with mileage that trails the other

  • previous models

toyota sells a range of prius hybrid cars so there's the prius V a small

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