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  • It really makes a difference what we say.

  • I learned this from a woman who survived Auschwitz.

  • She went to Auschwitz when she was fifteen years old,

  • and her brother was eight, and the parents were lost.

  • And she told me this,

  • "We were in the train going to Auschwitz,

  • and I looked down, and I saw my brother's shoes were missing.

  • And I said, 'Why are you so stupid?

  • Can't you keep your things together?

  • For goodness sake!'

  • The way an elder sister might speak to a younger brother."

  • Unfortunately, it was the last thing she ever said to him

  • because she never saw him again.

  • He did not survive.

  • And so when she came out of Auschwitz, she made a vow.

  • She said, "I walked out of Auschwitz into life.

  • And the vow was,

  • "I will never say anything that couldn't stand

  • as the last thing I ever say."

  • Now, can we do that? No.

  • But it is a possibility to live in to.

  • Thank you.

It really makes a difference what we say.

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【TED-Ed】Lessons from Auschwitz: The power of our words - Benjamin Zander

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