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  • What's up?

  • This is Gino Fort, and this is dancing to dubstep.

  • Now, dubstep is a very controversial thing within the dance world, because the non-dancers

  • that really don't dance like that hate dubstep think dubstep is a dance style.

  • Well today, you're going to know, for you that think that's right, it's very wrong.

  • Dubstep is not a dance style.

  • There's no set moves for a dubstep dance style.

  • Most of it is popping, though, ticking, strobing, waving, and all that, but you can just really

  • just hit the beats.

  • That's what most everybody does.

  • But it's not a dance style.

  • I'm going to repeat.

  • It is not a dance style.

  • So, dancing in dubstep, you want to hit the beats, and they're very signified beats that's

  • everywhere and kind of off.

  • Now, you can hit everything, but be careful how you hit everything, because you're going

  • to look crazy.

  • Make sure you take your time following me slowly, miss a couple of them, catch onto

  • other ones, and boucne off of other ones.

  • It's however you want to dance to it, but make sure you take your time as well.

  • You don't have to go the fast speed or the full speed of the dubstep song all the time.

  • Some of my favorites things when you dubstep is very sporadic but controlled movements,

  • like if you have ba ba ba ba ba, ba, ba, bum, bum, like, add personality to it to make it

  • look better.

What's up?

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How to Dubstep | Street Dance

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    Caurora posted on 2020/05/30
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