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  • Okay...

  • Who's your favourite artist?

  • I don't really play that game.

  • - Too many favourites. - Good answer!

  • And... what's your favourite colour?

  • Erm... red!

  • Do you mind if I look through this?

  • Come on!

  • Have at it.

  • - This is your Italian identification. - Mm-hmm.

  • - It's like a piece of tissue paper. - It's about all it's worth in the UK.

  • Yeah, this country too. The entire world's on fire.

  • You have a four leaf clover!

  • I forgot that was in there!

  • My mum gave this to me.

  • Um, it reminds me of this Claddagh ring that my grandmother gave me.

  • Right before she passed I promised her I would never ever lose it.

  • Erm, then I booked this job and they asked me put the ring away.

  • Wardrobe returned the pants I was wearing and... no more ring.

  • The art of letting go.

  • Yeah, well. Something they don't teach you in school.

  • So...

  • Now what?

  • Erm...

  • What's today? Oh there's this open art gallery studio thing. I don't know if you're into that?

  • Done. I don't have to be at the theatre for a bit.

  • Ah, no...

  • - I don't wanna say goodbye. - Shh!

  • - Don't think about that now. - Okay.


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