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  • Just now, you had a “lahwhich was 100% correct.

  • Yes.

  • Hello, I'm Yuki Takeda.

  • I'm from Tokyo, and I now live in the Phili

  • Argh.

  • I live in the Philippines.

  • I am currently in Singapore because

  • my wife, Mika, is Singaporean

  • and we are here to visit family and relatives for Chinese New Year.

  • Hi, my name is Mika. Mika Tan.

  • I'm from Singapore.

  • We both studied in the US.

  • We met at the international student organization.

  • They had a cultural show event.

  • He was singing on stage

  • with a really wide Latin American hat.

  • And I thought, “This guy has a really strong voice!”

  • It was kind of funny because

  • after the show, we were talking and she was like

  • There was this really good singer guy!”

  • And I was like, “Uh, that was me?”

  • We mostly speak in English,

  • like half American, half Singaporean English I guess.

  • I remember you told me before that

  • you thought that by dating me, you would learn Chinese

  • Yes.

  • Because her family speaks Chinese at home,

  • I was expecting to be able to speak Mandarin.

  • But in the end, I ended up learning Singlish.

  • But his Singlish is very good!

  • It's already been like 8 years with you.

  • Why are you still complimenting my Singlish?

  • We've been together for so long.

  • Well, because it has improved so much.

  • Maybe.

  • Whereas, my Japanese has deproved.

  • No, it has not. It did not deprove.

  • Deprove?

  • That's Singlish.

  • Deteriorate.

  • A lot of times when we speak in languages that are not English,

  • it's phrases or expressions that don't exist in English.

  • Like Okaeri and Tadaima.

  • Yeah, those things.

  • Okaima

  • Okaima?

  • You mean Okaimo.

  • It's Tadaimo and Okaimo.

  • Right now, we live in the Philippines,

  • and when we go grocery shopping and talk to the vendors

  • we point to the vegetables in the local language, Tagalog.

  • So the vegetables in our house are called in Tagalog actually.

  • Like, “I'll make miso shiru with talong.”

  • Which is nasu. Eggplants.

  • My first actual impression of this guy

  • is that he's cute.

  • Whether my impression of you has changed? Well

  • You're still cute.

  • Thank you.

  • I just had a haircut today.

  • It was horrible until this morning.

  • It was long overdue. He looked like a mushroom.

  • The first words she said to me at the very beginning was

  • You're Yuki-kun, right?”

  • Wait, did I do that?

  • Yes.

  • Okay, that's an embarrassing memory.

  • I thought she was energetic.

  • Cute.

  • And very friendly.

  • Yeah, friendly enough to call you by first name.

  • The first time we met.

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Just now, you had a “lahwhich was 100% correct.

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Singaporean-Japanese Couple Q&A

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