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  • Welcome to lesson 28!

  • I'm happy to see you, Peter. I was hoping to talk to you yesterday.

  • Were you busy in London? Tell me about it.

  • Later! Now we will have another drink of water before lunch.

  • What were you doing?

  • I was working at the language school. I was giving classes to intermediate students.

  • They were very easy to teach. Weren't they Jeanne?

  • Yes, they were.

  • Jeanne was in the class, weren't you? She was free because she did not have any classes herself.

  • I was happy to teach because the students were receptive.

  • We did the past of "to be": "I am" is the present form and "I was" is the past.

  • I am, I was, you are, you were, he/she/it is, he/she/it was, we are, we were, you are, you were, they are, they were.

  • Was I? Were you? Was he/she/it? Were we? Were you? Were they?

  • Were you confused Jeanne?

  • No, I was not. I know how I have to learn and practise. In France I wasn't ready.

  • I was always looking for the logic.

  • Now, I accept that English is not logical.

  • You just have to learn, haven't you?

  • I did not know the importance of pronunciation.

  • If you pronounce well, it makes listening easier.

  • If listening is easier, then it is easier to memorise.

  • If you speak English with a French accent, it is difficult to learn English.

Welcome to lesson 28!

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