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  • asbestos

  • we've all heard a lot about but what exactly is asbestos

  • asbestos is amenable with some unusual characteristics

  • asbestos has so many positive qualities that some people call it a miracle

  • material

  • is fireproof

  • heat resistant lightweight

  • resistant to most chemicals

  • bacteria resistant

  • sound absorbing and it doesn't conduct electricity

  • products that contain asbestos can be very helpful but they can also be very

  • harmful

  • asbestos has hidden dangers that you need to know about

  • while most rocks breakdown of the tiny particles like grains of sand

  • asbestos breaks down into small fibers

  • strands of rope

  • these fibers can be so small

  • that they're invisible to the human i'd

  • in fact you would need a very powerful microscope to see them

  • but even though asbestos fibers are tiny

  • they have the strength of steel

  • one of the problems and dealing with asbestos fibers is that you can't see

  • them

  • taste and or smell them

  • but they are they're and if the fibers that are your body they can cause severe

  • damage

  • before the dangers of asbestos were fully known asbestos was used throughout

  • the building and construction industry

  • it was mixed in the plaster and wall board for strength and support

  • sprayed on the walls ceilings and steel girders for fire proofing wrapped around

  • pipes boilers heating ducts and other utility systems for insulation

  • you can't even find asbestos in florence ceiling time

  • so if you're a member of the custodial engineering or maintenance staff

  • you need to know about the hazards of working around asbestos

  • in fact the hazards of asbestos fibers are so serious

  • that the occupational safety and health administration closure has issued a

  • standard to train monitor and protect workers who could be exposed to s best

  • is on the job for as a part of this training you'll learn the health effects

  • and risks of long-term asbestos exposure

  • how to recognize and deal with possible asbestos hazards

  • considering how dangerous asbestos is

  • and the fact that we may come in contact with it in many ways how can we limit

  • our exposure

  • you should know where asbestos is located in your workplace

  • then you need to keep track of the condition of all asbestos materials you

  • encounter

  • and finally remember not to disturb materials that may contain asbestos

  • unless absolutely necessary and then only if you have the proper training and

  • equipment

  • let's take a closer look at the first step nowhere asbestos is in your

  • workplace

  • remember asbestos has been used in many different kinds of building materials

  • thermal system insulation has been the most common use in buildings built

  • before nineteen eighty the heating system boiler utility pipes and ductwork

  • may be covered with insulation the contains asbestos

  • asbestos can also be found above some drop ceilings inspiration one sound

  • proofing and fire proofing materials

  • some types of composite materials such as plastered wall board impaneling

  • contain asbestos fibers because they add strength but they're still lightweight

  • asbestos can also be found in some types of floor tiles and ceiling tiles

  • installed before nineteen eighty

  • your facility has an asbestos management plan that lists of the locations of

  • materials that contain asbestos this is the first place you should look for this

  • kind of information

  • you should also see warnings signs posted wherever asbestos is present if

  • you don't see warnings were you suspect there is as best as talk to your

  • supervisor

  • if an area is posted as restricted

  • do not answer unless you are authorized and i have the proper safety equipment

  • if you ignore these warnings you could expose yourself to dean drew some ounce

  • of especially its


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Asbestos Awareness Training Video by Compliance and Safety

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