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  • powered industrial trucks all rugged tools used to push

  • and stack materials

  • these machines include the tractors that pull luggage carts at airports the

  • all-terrain reeks trucks operated on construction sites and of course fork

  • lifts

  • all of these vehicles save us time and money and effort

  • but if they are not used correctly or maintained properly they can be

  • dangerous

  • polish is powered industrial trucks standard

  • covers how to work safely with these machines

  • one of the most significant parts of the regulation deals with training

  • before you can use any type of powered industrial truck

  • all sure requires that you be fully trained evaluated and certified by a

  • competent instructor

  • your certification process includes instruction on safety procedures and

  • training on how to operate the industrial trucks

  • that you will be using

  • you will also have supervised driving practice

  • your knowledge and ability will be re-evaluated at least once every three

  • years

  • if necessary you will undergo retraining at this time

  • alicia also requires training anytime you are observed being unsafe

  • have a close call

  • or are involved in an accident

  • in addition retraining is required whenever there is a change in your

  • workplace that may affect your ability to operator powered industrial trucks

  • safely

  • to help you choose the industrial profit is right for your job potion has

  • separated them into seven classes

  • classes one through five

  • are forklifts and other left trucks

  • these machines often have massive counterbalance weights

  • that allow them to lift heavy loads

  • class one are counterbalanced forklift powered by he lectured motors

  • since these machines do not produce exhaust gas

  • they are a good choice for use inside warehouses and other buildings

  • class to are narrow iol lift trucks and order picker dps

  • some of these machines

  • actually raise the operators to where they can be easily reach materials

  • whole protection must be warned

  • by workers using this equipment

  • class three d

  • are electric-powered hand trucks that operators either walk behind or leave

  • even though you do not drive these machines you must still be properly

  • trained before you use them

  • class four and five are counterbalanced forklift powered by gasoline diesel or

  • propane

  • class war machines are outfitted with solid rubber tires they can only be used

  • on paved surfaces

  • class five fork lifts have pneumatic tires that allow them to drive on

  • unpaved surfaces

  • in addition to these classes of general industry with trucks

  • moshe recognizes to mother distinct types of vehicles

  • as powered industrial trucks

  • class six are tractor like machines such as the vehicles that pulled luggage

  • carts at airports

  • since these don't lift loads like forklifts

  • they are not caldor balance

  • this makes them lighter and somewhat easier to dry

  • class seven are counterbalanced rough terrain powered industrial trucks

  • unlike other live trucks class seven machines have booms that allow them to

  • pick up and place materials in difficult to reach locations

  • additional training is required to operate these machines safely

  • earth moving vehicles bulldozers cranes

  • and over the road trucks

  • are not covered under osha's powered industrial truck regulation

  • if you operate one of these vehicles

  • talk to your supervisor about training requirements

powered industrial trucks all rugged tools used to push

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B1 powered industrial class forklift training safely

Forklift Training Video by Compliance and Safety

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