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  • So you have an offer for a job? Now what? First, is it the right offer? That is, is

  • it the job you really want? In a place and a company where you can succeed?

  • If it's not, there's no reason to even think about negotiating but if it's a good offer

  • or pretty good offer then you might want to consider whether or not you should negotiate.

  • You can negotiate two or three things. Often these negotiations are first and foremost

  • about compensation but many times they also might include a title or another issue.

  • Be very clear what you want before you think about negotiating anything. And then the approach

  • is, thank the hiring manager for the offer, remind him or her why you're interested and

  • then state what your concern is and what you want, so you will say that you're really interested

  • in the job but as you understand the scope of this job you think that you would want

  • an additional $10,000 to do this job. Once you have made your case and it needs

  • to be a business case based on your value to the organization. Stop, don't talk anymore

  • let them talk, certainly in any negotiation you need to have a backup plan, not only what

  • you're going to do if they say no because some companies don't negotiate at all but

  • also alternatives because some companies negotiate but with only within certain parameters. So

  • you might ask for a bigger salary and they might say no, you might say could they do

  • a pay review in three months instead, could you get an extra week of vacation instead

  • so have your negotiation thought out in advance, be ready to demonstrate the business reasons

  • and the value you bring to that employer. Keep it positive and you can keep it a win-win

  • for both you and the employer so that you get the job, you get the terms you want and

  • you go in and you'll succeed.

So you have an offer for a job? Now what? First, is it the right offer? That is, is

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How to Negotiate Salary for Your Job Offer

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