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  • I'm off to work at the Krusty Krab, frying up patties and blabbity-wab!

  • That's new!

  • Strange place to park a car. What's this for?--(SCREAMS)

  • SpongeBob! You're wasting me precious carbon dioxide!

  • Carbon dioxide?!

  • I'm pumping it into the atmosphere, boy.

  • Thanks to global warming the temperature will soon go through the roof! And then we'll have an "Endless Summer"

  • Why do you want an "Endless Summer", Mr. Krabs?

  • So I can open me latest money-making venture, The Krusty Pool!

  • What about winter sports, Mr. Krabs?

  • Ah, forget winter! We're talking suntan and hanging ten and swimming all year long!

  • Hmm..."The Endless Summer" does sound fun... ー ...and profitable?

  • Fun and profitable! Big business does it again! I just wished it could be the Endless Summer right now!

  • Hey!

  • Hello, our burgers are $3, sir. ーOoh! What a bargain! I'll give you 5!

  • What the?

  • Barnacles, it's suddenly gotten very warm in here.

  • Who turned up the---HEAT?!

  • SpongeBob! What're you doing?!

  • Just throwing another tyre in the fire for global warming, Mr. Krabs! Hey, look, it's working!

  • The entire town is heading this way to cool off!

  • You mean payoff! Hurry, SpongeBob! Fill the pool, fill the pool!

  • (LAUGHING) Aye, aye, sir.

  • Have your money ready folks! The line starts here! (CROWD SCREAMS)

  • Where's everybody going?

  • We're all moving north. We can't live here anymore. It's too hot!

  • All me customers have moved to cooler climates.

  • Look on the bright side, Mr. Krabs. There won't be a line to go in the pool!


  • (SLAP!) Ouch.

I'm off to work at the Krusty Krab, frying up patties and blabbity-wab!

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SpongeBob SquarePants in The Endless Summer (Closed Captioned)

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    JackHong posted on 2014/04/24
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