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  • So you would tell a story?

  • We have to hear it.

  • Alright. So Gavin was actually coming over.

  • I hear he knocked on the door.

  • My God! Gavin, you should be here!

  • So I see some dudes standing there that I don’t know.

  • Alright. I’m like alright. So I opened the door.

  • And he’s like, “Oh hey, I live in this apartment like down the hall.”

  • Okay! And he’s like freakinout.

  • He’s like shaking his hands and shook his head.

  • Ahh, there’s somebody in my apartment.

  • There’s guys in my apartment.

  • What? What the hell is going on?

  • So he’s like call the police.

  • If you know my apartment and they have gasoline.

  • And I’m like, “Hang on!”

  • So I go inside and get my phone.

  • I come out and I’m like “I’m not gonna do shit

  • but you can call if you want to.”

  • Here you go! Call 911, right?

  • And I’m just standing there and Lucy is like behind me.

  • So she said, “What’s going on?”

  • Get inside the house! This guy is like kinda weird.

  • He gets the operator and said to me and he’s like

  • you know talking normal enough like.

  • oh yeah, this guy is in my apartment

  • But what is he doing?

  • And he was like, “Wooh! There’s like five or six of them.

  • And they are destroying my couch

  • and I’m pretty sure that theyre trying to go a spaceship.

  • And I’m like, Uhh, uhuh huh!

  • They are like you know describing what everything is going to go.

  • A couple of guys blah blah... and he’s like

  • and one of them has got no body.

  • (laughs) And then I’m like CNN and there it goes,

  • Yeah, I thought I was pretty weird too.”

  • And I’m like this guy’s fucking crazy.

  • Is he like playing cool?

  • It’s like hey dude, you know what I mean?

  • It’s like fuckinnobody. (laughs)

  • Within like a minute or two, I see the light drop in my fuckin’…

  • And he’s talking about the fireman

  • and like four of them go with him and I grab like the one guy

  • and I’m like, “So this guy is fucking crazy!

  • He was talking about people not having bodies.”

  • And the guy’s like, “Yeah, we heard over the radio.” (laughs)

  • And this one Gavin shows up and said, ‘What the fuck is going on?”

  • Get inside. Get inside now. (laughs)

So you would tell a story?

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Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures - Michael's Weird Neighbor

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