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  • For me traveling isn't about visiting the major areas

  • taking a photo

  • and crossing it off the list

  • it's about understanding and

  • Immersing yourself in a different culture

  • seeing the different ways people live life and

  • Opening up your mind to new perspectives

  • but most importantly

  • Through traveling and the encounters I make it

  • It inspires me and it's the way I learn

  • So in part 2 of Tottori

  • let's go deeper

  • and learn more about this magical place together

  • We started day three by walking along an old train line that is now a beautiful hidden gem

  • The train line is 30 kilometers long however, you can decide where you want to start and stop

  • I only had time to walk along one station

  • But I did get to see some beautiful views of Tottori and really just enjoy being surrounded by nature

  • Wow, there's so much bamboo here

  • Who would have thought that you would have all this bamboo

  • along the train tracks

  • You know how so many people go to Kyoto and they go to see the bamboo in Kyoto you can come to Tottori

  • and see the Bamboo and have no tourists in your photo

  • next we headed over to a small suburban area in Tottori which had a lot of well-preserved traditional architecture

  • a historic atmosphere, and many unique local shops like this one here which sold handcrafted traditional Kites

  • I recommend staying two to three hours here and you can also rent a Yukata to explore the area

  • So I just got kakigoori shaved ice

  • In this area it's okay to walk around with food unlike most areas in Japan so let's go

  • I loved how this place had such a natural genuine atmosphere

  • and that the shops tried to preserve their original culture and history

  • unlike some of the other traditional streets I have been to in Japan

  • where I felt like a lot of it was made just for show and to market at tourists

  • In the afternoon we hit it into the mountains for some hiking

  • and this is now one of my top recommendations to visit in Tottori

  • We then changed into Waraji which were very commonly worn in the olden days

  • They are made from straw rope and have souls that have a good grip which makes it perfect for climbing

  • We are now at the half-way point, I'm like covered in sweat

  • It's a temple

  • In the evening, we checked into our hotel and since it was right next to the beach

  • I knew I couldn't end the day without doing one more thing

  • and that was

  • Suikawari, which is a very common Japanese game played in the summertime

  • On the last day, I decided to go on a cycling tour around Mount Daisen, a very famous mountain in and outside of Tottori

  • Mount Daisen was chosen as the third greatest summits in Japan

  • behind Mount Fuji and Mount Yarigatake in Gifu

  • so there are many neat places and things to do in and around Mount Daisen

  • from traditional temples to beautiful scenery and nature

  • Also, don't forget to try the delicious ice cream at the Daisen farm

  • After lunch have a stroll around the Daisen temple and learn about the culture and history behind this

  • Another relaxing place to go is to the Tottori flower park where you can see beautiful flowers all year-round

  • And lastly before I fly back to Tokyo

  • I had to try to Tottori's famous Kuroshi Wagyu beef

  • where all the cattles were raised in the natural environment of Mount Daisen

  • it was very soft and very delicious

  • So I definitely recommend you to try it if you're in Tottori

  • So I really really do encourage you guys to travel off the beaten path in Japan and you will find these amazing places

  • I will link my other

  • off the beaten path

  • videos here for you to see or here, or anywhere

  • I don't know where I'm gonna put it :P

  • and please do leave me a comment telling me what you liked about the video

  • and just give me your thoughts

  • it's always nice for me to read your comments

  • See you guys, and thank you for always watching

For me traveling isn't about visiting the major areas

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Discover Another Side Of Japan | Tottori Prefecture Travel Guide

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